Does Anyone Have any EZ DVDs or Videos?

I am really getting into Elizabeth Zimmermann lately. I’ve had her book Knitting Without Tears for a while now, but when I first started knitting it didn’t really appeal to me. A lot of her designs are dated as far as fashion, but I love her attitude and inventiveness! I think that is what has me more interested in her work lately. I’m collecting her books and I have 3 now.

Anyway, I was thinking that, although I’ll unfortunately never be able to meet her, it would be cool to be able to watch one of her videos. She has three that seem easily available - Knitting Around, Knitting Workshop, and Knitting Glossary.

I was wondering if anyone’s seen these and what they think! I think I am going to get Knitting Workshop…

I have Knitting Workshop and Knitting Glossary. I use both of them and love watching EZ. Her sense of humor is great and her explanations are very easy to understand. I have used them to knit a hat and more. I know there is another dvd and book on Knit Picks and I plan on getting both as I want to learn her techniques for knitting with more than one color.:woot:

I also have the Knitting Workshop dvd, and I love it. Elizabeth was an absolute genius while also being very down to earth. I also love her accent. LOL

IMHO, if you get the dvd you will not regret it. It’s worth every penny.

I’m patiently waiting for her books to be published for eReaders. it’s hard to hold a book open and knit at the same time. :wink:

I have workshop and glossary and like them both a lot!