Does anyone have access to different needles?

This isn’t a which is better question - it’s been done enough.
What I’m wondering is - does anyone have several different sets of needles that they could lay out needles of the same size side by side for a comparison picture. Preferably the exchangeable kinds.

After next week I’m going to have a set of Boye’s, Denise, KA Switch & the small size Hiya-hiyas. In fixed needles I have one by ChiaoGoo, a Square KKable, and an acrylic by Yarn Bee(Hobby Lobby), as well as Clover & Bates. I like something about all of these & use them interchangeably.

I haven’t ever seen the other popular needles (ones I haven’t listed) in person. I’m just wondering how they compare side by side. Are Addi lace really that much pointier. What about needle length, etc.

I wish there was a direct comparison chart like seen on camera reviews detailing how each is the same & different.

While I’m at it, I’m trying to decide on a new HD camcorder & not having much better luck with my decisions. Any suggestions?
(((HUGS))), Verna

I only have Denise and Options, but I found a few links that have a comparison pics. It was quite interesting actually.

Thanks Jan. That was a great help. :hug:

I’ve been meaning to ask you what part of So Cal are you in? I used to live in Mission Viejo before moving back to Texas. Sure miss Trader Joes & all the variety of shopping available. But, I’m loving the country so I guess it’s an OK exchange.
(((HUGS))) Verna

Oh! Mission Viejo is right across the freeway. I live in Laguna Hills. :thumbsup:

Thanks Jan for that info. I have the Knit Pick :heart: and have always wonder about the real side by side comparisions.

It would have been nice to have someone around that knows knitting better than I do. Someone who understands the need to just try that yarn to see how it will look finished. Someone I wouldn’t bore with my new pattern finds.:teehee:
I used to quilt with a friend named Jan but she moved to Julian.