Does anyone have a pattern for this cable scarf?

I would like to make a scarf very similar to this one but I’ve been looking through patterns and can’t find anything close to it. I was hoping someone might have a link to a similar pattern.

That’s really just a basic cabled scarf. If one of the patterns doesn’t match exactly you can adjust it easily enough.

Here’s a few that are close.

ETA: I moved the post here. The How-to Questions is for questions when doing the pattern. Pattern Central is for sharing a pattern or searching for one.

Ok thank you very much. I think I need a little more practice before attempting those, I’ll save those for when I actually know how to use a cable needle! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, but the one you wanted was cabled… :??

The retail value of the scarf is $195.00, but you can get it for $98.00. If I could get $98.00 for a hand-made cashmere scarf I’d be knitting them by the dozen!


Kynah, do you know how to do cables without a cable needle somehow? If you do that works just as well, but you have to twist the cables somehow to make the scarf you showed.

Agreed! And… if I may say so… I think I could make one that looked better than that too ;o)

you could probably go and modify the irish hiking scarf pattern and get a similar result.

I am a beginner and I just finished knitting a scarf very similar to this. The pattern is here:

Note, this scarf is NOT reversible. This cables will only show on the RS.