Does anyone have a pattern for socks/slippers?

Hey all!! I’m looking for a sock pattern that uses worsted weight yarn. My daughter found this awesome yarn and wants me to make her socks. If the yarn is too heavy (I’ve noticed most socks are made with DK), how about a nice (and somewhat easy) slipper sock pattern?? Crossed Fingers

My favorite slipper pattern is the Tropical Punch Slipper…but you hold two worsted together for it…

I did find thissock pattern from Webs that calls for a worsted… (scroll down it’s the 2nd from the bottom)

Hereis a slipper pattern for free

hereis a sock pattern that has a design to it…


I make socks from worsted weight to use as ‘house socks’…ie not usually worn with shoes around the house, but nice and thick and soft and warm.

You just adjust the pattern. I’m a guy, so my dimensions are probably a bit larger, but I usually cast on about 50-55 sts and work from there. Nice thing about working with worsted is that the socks knit up MUCH faster!!

Silver’s sock tutorial has adjusted pattern directions for worsted weight yarn. I also recommend the sock books by Charlene Schurch.

Here is a sock calculator. Hope this helps.

Try here

I made these slippers for both my daughters, and they LOVE them. I don’t know how old your daughter is… but the pattern has directions for toddler through adult sizes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the links!!! I’ve checked them out and they all look great!! I can’t wait to start them (although I have to finish what’s OTN now)