Does anyone have a good tip on how to keep the rows you knit

in the right order. I’m knitting a pattern that requires you to K 2 then K80 then K 2 and the next row K 2 P80 K 2. I got confused and about 8 inches into the knitting I guess I duplicated a row and now the pattern is different. I really don’t mind, I think it looks kind of neat and it’s just for me, but I was wondering if anyone had any good tricks to keep knitting the correct way. Thanks Everyone!!!

When you are getting ready to tackle the next row, look at the 80 middle stitches facing you. If they look like row of V’s, then you knit the 80 stitches. If they look like bumps, then you purl those 80 stitches.
I hope that makes sense & helps.

One way that I use is to place a stitch marker on one of the rows when I start and then take it off when I am done and start on the next row. This way, if you write down which row gets the stitch marker and which one doesn’t, then you will know just by looking for the marker. The other way is to keep a tally of rows. Make a column for the 80 knit and a column for the 80 purl row and then just put a tick in the column when you complete a row.

Those are 2 ways I keep track.