Does anyone have a fave?

Does anyone have a favorite colorway out of this yarn? If so what is it:teehee:I love all of them I cant decidecloud9

oh yeah heres the link lol:aww:

Fondant, Wisteria, and Morning sky. :drool: :passedout:

how can you pick … there are SO many pretty colors.

Wow! They’re all so pretty!!! If I had to pick a couple, I’d like… Victoria, Juneau, and Blue Ridge Parkway. So many to choose from :inlove:

Hotflash - it just looks so bright and fun!
Seagrass - I’ve been drawn to water/beach 1colors lately
Habenero - it just looks so sunny and happy

Pistachio, Istanbul, or Pandora Rose.

they’re all so pretty tho! hard to choose.

oddly… Birch Bark, Prickly Pear, and Avocado.

and that :thud: you just heard was Dustina falling out of her chair. Those are SOOOO not my normal color choices…lol

Morning Sky
Peas and Carrots
Hot Rod
Grand Canyon
Hot Flash
those are the ones i like!

[B]I love the jhat they have on that site. SWEET LORETTA !!!


Andromeda and Taos

Victoria and Morning Sky

ok, i looked again…lol
too many! makes it hard to pick just a couple :wink:
i tend to buy yarns that are in colors i think i would have a hard time dying myself…
i really like :inlove:peas and carrots, andromeda, and taos:inlove:

Hot Rod
Sea Grass

Hard to choose though!

I think I may be leaning towards peas and carrots but I have to admit I like almost all of them:aww:

OMG! I want ALL of them! These are GORGEOUS!!! I TRIED to pick one or two and cast my vote but I kept changing back and forth and then ended up with almost ALL of them on my “fave” list. Sorry I’m no help. MAN, those are SOOOOO gorgeous.

Why, why, why did you show me this site??

I :heart: Dew, and Silver Pine, and Jackie O and Lost. :zombie:

silver- i just got my order in and they included cute little samples, one was silver pine on the glacier yarn! soooo pretty! silvery greys and greens with natural bits too :heart: also samples of june carter (prettier in person) and sweet potato pie (great browns and warm yellows)… i’d tell you the colors i ordered but someone might find out. i did order ‘go-go’ for me it just looked too fun to pass up:teehee:

Oh no your on to me:aww:I am such a curious person with swaps, I couldnt help myself. I wanted to see if you’d slip up.

Grand Canyon
Morning Skye
Hot Rod
:whistle: must not buy any moreyarn, CANNOT buy anymore yarn REALLY WANT MORE YARN:waah: