Does anyone else

just lift up the couch cushion when they need a stitch marker ?

It’s my go-to space for cable needles, tapistry needles, scissors, and crochet hooks, too.

Nope, I usually just reach behind me to my knitting box, hoping that it’s within reach:thumbsup:

I gave up on stitch markers a long time ago. My cats think they make dandy hockey pucks, so they always got lost. These days I just snip a piece of contrasting yarn and tie it on the needle for a sm. If it’s lost, it’s no big deal. It can easily be replaced at no cost. I use circulars for both circular and straight knitting, so I don’t have to dig in couch cushions for needles or chase the rolling ones around. Simplifies things. But I have been known to prowl the cushions for bus fare change. My son falls asleep on the sofa, change falls out of his pocket, and he’s a goldmine.

I have yes… it’s also a good storage place for dog biscuits, loose change…:lol:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Under the couch or loose in the knitting bag.

I usually just start digging thru my current knitting bag AND/OR my “not so current” knitting bags until I find what I’m looking for!



Couch cushions are also a good repository for dog toys when you’re tired of playing fetch.