Does anyone else... ? Knitting confessions

feminine_earth wrote:

I don’t really hoard yarn…but I do hoard free patterns!! I’ve printed out dozens and dozens of patterns so far, and I put them all in the order that I’d like to knit them in a big white binder. I have enough projects lined up for the next 2 years, but no yarn to start them with! Rolling On Floor Laughing

Just 2 years worth?? Every freebie pattern I see, I have to print out, whether it’s in website or a forum post or whereever. And…I do it on the company laser printer. Much faster than my inkjet. I have enough patterns to last the rest of my life. I’ve got reams of patterns. Unfortunately I’m not so organized. They are in stacks waiting to be put in those little blue binders I bought just for them. So obviously, if I want a pattern, I go on line, google and then start printing again. This is definitely insane!!!

my confession:

if i have to frog and start over on a project, i’ll re-wind that skein, put it away, and start with a new ball. i eventually use the ‘unlucky’ yarn (later in the project), but i won’t CO with it again… :shrug:

  1. I cast on for each project at least 3 times, I have never just cast on and kept going after the first row, something always goes wrong and I start over.

I don’t think I’ve ever cast on once for a project. It always seems to be at least three or four times. It gives me a chance to get to know the yarn!

I really think I just enjoy the act of knitting and the yarn; it’s not necessarily the finished project for me. My husband jokes that I keep making scarves, but I have never worn one. (The Red Scarf project better watch out next year!) I’ve made dishcloths, but personally I hate using dischloths. I’ve made a hat for my son, but I won’t let him wear it out becuase it’s so ugly. I’ve given away a few things I’ve made, but I just like the act of knitting.

For my next project, I was thinking of what item would require a long tube of knitting–you know just simple, mindless i-cord with wonderful yarn. Maybe a water hose cover? I bet I would have the only one on the block.

Got a website for that? I want to get some yarn catalogs too! :wink:


Maybe a water hose cover? I bet I would have the only one on the block.
LOL! We should all make one and watch the neighbors think we’ve gone crazy. LOL! :rofl:

he he, me too. If I have to frog, I think the ball is ‘tainted’ will re-wind and not use until I have another project for that yarn.

Got a website for that? I want to get some yarn catalogs too! Wink

I think I just started getting it bcs I ordered from but I am sure that you can get on there and ask for a catalog to be sent. I like the pictures of the yarn in the catalog much better than online. Plus I can circle what I want for upcoming holidays, Birthdays and Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays :teehee: (I like presents, esp when they are fiber-y)

I usually have to frog something at least once… and tink a bunch of times… if there is a mistake I will usually go back to it and fix it… if it’s a pattern that is trying to get the best of me I can’t walk away from it till I figure it out… I did have a lot of items on the needles… but have started to knit one thing as my main item… I usually have a dish rag on the needles for phone calls or something like that… but no more 5/6 items pulling me in every direction… :teehee:

my knitting confession is that i get frustrated fairly easily and won’t go back to knitting for a week or so. well, that’s how i was until i found this place…lol. the videos are my lifejacket. i get confidence about starting and actually being able to finish a project and now i’m getting the yarn fever again…

I LOVE the idea of putting patterns into the order that you want to knit them !!! I am going to do that, too!

I did that last night :D, then I carry them in my knitting bag in a folder and when I went to Hobby Lobby I took my top 3 patterns in with me and searched to see if any of those yarns were on sale, a yarn sale [:cheering:] would bump say, #3 to #1 :smiley:

Joe~~ I totally understand what you mean by needing all the “gadgets”… I :heart: :heart: stitch markers( right now I have several packs of plastic ones) but I :heart: the beaded stitch markers that have been posted on this website by crafters :notworthy: , I have 3 tape measures( 1 for each bag), row counters, cable needles, tapestry needles … plastic and metal, bobbins.( i haven’t used yet) but I willl :doh:

I just need more knitting goodies~ :eyebrow:

My confession - and I’m a brand new knitter - just learned how to do it a few weeks ago - is hoarding. I have bags and bags of yarn. I went to about 5 different stores and hit every yarn sale in the area and I’ve spent hundreds. Then, I decided I needed needles in every shape and size - I stopped myself at the glow in the dark, battery operated, light-up needles only because they were around $20 a pair. I purchased cabling needle sets and stitch counters and bobbins - and I don’t even know how to use half of this stuff yet! I’ve also been printing out every pattern in the world I want to try and have them all sheet protected and in a big, giant binder. Someday I’ll be able to make some of that stuff! At least I know I have every possible tool I need to start.

I think I have an addiction. I knit everywhere. I get home from work and I knit for like, 5 hours straight.

Me too :teehee:

When I really got into knitting a few years ago, I came across a friend of my mom’s garage sale that had TONS of needles which had belonged to his mother who had died. She was a prolific knitter and I bought all the needles I could. I dream of finding bags of yarn at garage sales. :slight_smile:

It never occurred to me that one might find yarn and needles at yard sales. I think I need to take a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Garage sales can be addictive when you start finding what you want. :smiley:

i get like 2 ft into a scarf b4 i decide that i dont like it :wall:

my mom, is worse, she waits till shes done to frog the WHOLE THING! :shock:

i havn’t heard my confession yet:

i bring a notebook along with me when i go to book stores. grab a few knitting books, flip through them and copy down patterns or just the stitch pattern if the object isn’t something i’d knit. :oo:

if i’m bored i also include little sketches of the finished object and what the stitches (other than garter, stockinette, ribbing, or seed) look like.

i’ve only purchased one book with patterns: stitchionary 1. mainly because i got tired of copying down all the cool stitches. :eyes:
all of the other knittings books i’ve bought (4 so far!) are the ones with stories… even though i’m notorious for reguarly visiting a book store (sometimes 5 days in a row) to read and finish whole novels. :wink:

… i should probably get a library card. :doh:

I’m so terrible at actually focussing on one thing at a time… usually I’m watching TV while I’m knitting, but I have actually been known to be knitting with my hands, and working a Playstation controller with my feet … I get bored during cutscenes… :oops:

Addictive personality? Me?