Does Anyone Else Have This Gauge Problem?

Hey y’all. I still consider myself sort-of a noob, so forgive me.

Here’s my question though.

When knitting my gauges for various projects, it seems that I constantly find I’m at least two to three whole needle sizes away from what is recommended in the pattern. I guess I must be a very tight knitter.

Is this normal? Does that mean that my knitting is sub-par? Do you suggest any adjustments in my knitting?

Thanks for the feedback.


It’s not uncommon to need to change needle sizes. I’m not as tight a knitter as I used to be, but I used to have to go up about 2 sizes before I got the right gauge. I don’t know what’s helped me to loosen up but now I find that I’m usually good with the needle size recommended in patterns. There is a good article at Knitty that you might benefit from if you find that your knitting is excessively tight. You can find it here.


Thank you for pointing the way to that article. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does this.

I’ll try the suggestion in the article and see how it goes.


Part of the whole reason for checking your guage is because everyone’s tension is a little different. I’ll bet you that if you took a hundred people and they all knit the same pattern in the exact same yarn and the same needle size that the pattern called for, they would mostly come up with something slightly different. I don’t think it’s any reflection on how you knit.

Some people knit tight, some people knit loose, and some people get gauge. It’s normal for you. Also, you may find that after some practice you’ll be knitting looser when you find you don’t need to keep a death grip on the needles and yarn… ;D They won’t go anywhere…


Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I figured that most people don’t have to go up two or three whole needle sizes! It just seemed like a lot!

And, the death grip is gonna go by the wayside. Keeping everything tight is probably some subconscious effort to have some kind of control in my life. :wink: