Does anyone else feel this way?

I’ve only been seriously knitting for the past year. I’ve knit a lot of scarves and pairs of socks and even given many away as gifts. Recently I knitted a felted Entrelac bag and today just finished another bag that is all seed stitch. While both bags came out really well and look nice…I enjoy the knitting them much MORE than the finished project!

What I mean is I like the “hunt” for the yarns I need for each project and buying the yarns. Then I LOVE the actual knitting but when my projects are done…I sort of cast them aside :oops: and want to find what the next “thing” is that I want to knit.

I’m spending a lot of money on these yarns and I feel like I should “value” my work more than I do. Does anyone else feel this way??

I really do enjoy knitting socks and scarves :XX: :XX: :XX: and those I really do use and enjoy using. But seems like other things just are not that “enjoyable” to me after they are complete.

Does anyone know what I mean?? :rollseyes:

yup…i have given away nearly everything i have made and am perfectly delighted to do so! it is just part of the creation process i think.

:waving: I do! I like the sweaters I’ve made, and I wear them, but they’re just a sweater once they’re done. The yarn and the knitting is much more enjoyable.

I don’t think this is wrong, though. The things we knit could be purchased. We knit them because we love the process.

Take a look at this thread that I wrote a while ago. Seems like lots of people feel that way! I know I do! :smiley:

i definately agree… i LOVE giving everything away… altho i do have a scarf or two that came out cool (but not perfect enough to give away) & i love when people ask about them and i get to say “i knit it” hahah…

i enjoy knitting stuff for others more than i do for myself…

and i kinda think that’s nice

even better is i can JUSTIFY the more expensive fibers if its for a GIFT


I give most of mine away but then I keep alot too… I knit alot for my kids like sweaters, mittens, scarves, and then her dress… I have a few purses , socks, mittens, and 2 scarves that I’ve kept for myself…but if one of my family memebers said ohh I really like that I’d give it to them lol…Part of the love of knitting is giving… as long as I don’t see it on the ground being stepped on :rofling:

I love the process. Like Ingrid said once it is finished it is just a thing :slight_smile:

Giving away the evidence is much more fun then keeping it. I have not knit anything that I really was reluctant to give. Better to move on to the next target and start knitting!