Does Anyone Besides Me

I bought a lot of yarn for no reason than I just LOVE TEHM ALL!!! My hubby used to ask me, are you buying it because you’re making something or is it going to be a part of of yarn collection?
I stop buying yarn because it was too hot - I dislike heat (hot weather especially) everytime I try to knit, the heat the yarn would project on my body made me drop it off of my summer options.
I bead in summer and I knit in winter! which I can say I have and go crazy about buying bead or yarns according to what season I am!!!
Good to hear is not only me! :woot:

by mistake i posted twice, how do delete double posting?

I thought I had a large stash until I started posting here!!!:zombie:

Cmon you guys with Big Stashes know you want to impress the rest of us with pics of your stash!!!

I’m a new knitter and I have a teensy (but growing) stash. I live in L.A. so I’ve been driving all over checking out the LYS’s to find a favorite, and of course you have to buy a couple of things at each store… Muhahaha!

Oh gosh, I just got a Knitpicks catalog in the mail. You have NO IDEA how hard it is not to buy everything! Last night, while I was looking at it, I was trying real hard not to look enthused because Matt was sitting right here at the computer and HE KNOWS how much yarn I have in this house! Nora, the puglet, also knows because, lately, she’s decided that each skein is her own special toy. Not a pretty picture.:tap:

Howevva, it still doesn’t keep me from wanting to buy more stuff! I haven’t even made socks yet but I want every single color yarn because it’s all so pretty.

Good Lord! It’s nice to know that I’m in good company.:muah:

I just love my stash I am very protective of it.
I bought new plastic containers last week and lovingly arranged all my yarn in them…They have sealed lids so I can stack them on top of each other…Now I have done this it doesn’t look like I have as much so guess what I will have to get more!!!

I have lots of stash. Now I decided I need to have some of the goodies that goes with it. I ordered a swift a few weeks ago. I just recieved my ball winder yesterday. I have about 30 knitting books, so many more I would like to have. I just ordered the “Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitting” by Sharon Brant. It’s a great book.

A yarn store is like an ice cream shop. You go in and see all of the colors and choices and it sort of hynotizes you. I go look at yarn and it really improves my mood, particularly on my lunch hour. Makes the afternoon more enjoyable, plus I usually have something to take home with me. Of course knititng magazines have the same effect on me.

[B]Indy Girl!

You’ll have to let me know how you like the Ball Winder. At the moment I just do it all by hand. Or by the back of a chair.

You should have told me you wanted that book. Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitting . I have it. I think others are better. ( like Knitting for Dummies. Such clear instructions.)


I wish I could have a stash! I just don’t have enough room in my apartment. :cry: My boyfriend and I have one clothing closet and one linen closet to share. Needless to say, I have to be very careful and only buy yarn when I have a project to start. Which is why this time of year excites me: I get to start buying yarn for all of those Christmas gifts!

Sorry to hear about that book I just got. I already have the dummies book.

I have ONE great big huge rubbermaid under the desk…

A box of little bits and balls…

A tub of sock yarn…

And the box that sits in the living room by my chair…


It can lead to [B][COLOR=red]S.A.B.L.E. [/COLOR][/B]

[B][SIZE=6][U][COLOR=red]S[/COLOR][/U]tash [U][COLOR=red]A[/COLOR][/U]cquisitions [U][COLOR=red]B[/COLOR][/U]eyond [U][COLOR=red]L[/COLOR][/U]ife [U][COLOR=red]E[/COLOR][/U]xpectancy![/SIZE][/B]

…so be careful! :wink: