Does Anyone Besides Me


Before I started knitting, I would read a lot. So I bought books that looked great and read them later when I had time.

But Now… I love yarn. I can’t pass up a a store that JUST MIGHT have yarn. :think: I have plastic Container sold at JoAnn’s to store the yarn I buy. I have 6 big plastic containers FILLED… and some of it is in Plastic Bags. :think:

Is this normal??? When I see a yarn that LOOKS GREAT with a GREAT PRICE, I think… I’ll use it LATER for something, I just don’t know WHAT YET. :x:

Susan [/B]

Nope, it’s normal :slight_smile: I just recently got a stash and I love it! All these other people are talking about stash busting, but I love having it! So yeah, if there’s a good deal on yarn, it’s hard to pass up. Welcome to the club? :shrug:


I think most of us are in the same boat! It is an addiction, but a good one. I have a picture of how I store my stash on here. It is in the ‘General Knitting’ thread-Where to stash yarn? pg.#5 :woot:It has been said, the one with the most yarn when they die, win’s:teehee:
Have a great day.


:chair::roflhard::roflhard: I’m sure of it! You would come in at the top of the list.

Stash is normal. Stash frightens non-knitters.

My boyfriend complains when I get that look in my eyes over the sock yarn, because I’ve got more than 15 pairs worth of sock yarn sitting around, and have only knit one pair of socks so far (the second and third pairs are hot on the trail though, both on second socks!). He’s generally pretty good about my stash though.

Sock yarn does not count as stash. :teehee:


What a RELIEF!!! [/B]

Its the same for fabric also. I have been sewing since I was 8 so I have had the fabric stash for a long time. Now I’ve started the yarn stash. Seems like it comes with the territory.


I too keep my yarn in totes. Stash is your friend. Embrace it! :rofl:

That sounds familiar… :teehee:

So, am I the only one who doesn’t have a stash? :?? It started out as a space issue, but now, I only own yarn that I’m knitting on. I don’t think it would be wise for me to start a stash. Impulse buying gets me into trouble.



If you were not in the UK and I in the United States, I think we would have a Great Time shopping!!!


[B]We could help " ready2knit" get her STASH togather! :wink: [B]

Nope, not at all! I don’t buy yarn unless I already have a project for it. Mostly because I worry that I’ll buy only so much yarn, later find a project for it, and then not have enough yarn for the project…

Now, if you want to talk cross-stitch stash… I just added to that this weekend. There was a store going out of business. I now officially have more patterns for cross-stitch than I will be able to finish within forty years. :blush:

I can’t pass up a craft store with good sales on wool or cross-stitch. I have my own craft room now and a double wardrobe filled with totes of wool and cross-stitch. I still can’t help myself. I am running out of room. Spotlight just had mohair on special for $2 a ball N.Z. instead of $5. I couldn’t pass up that bargain. :eyes:

Sandy in N.Z.

I have a pretty small stash. Mostly skeins I have planned for a project and plenty of odd-balls of left-over yarn. I use the odd-balles to teach knitting, so they don’t just lie around.

So, yeah, I have a stash, but it is always changing because I am always buying yarn for a new project.

I think I would be overwhelmed by a big stash.

Even later when you ‘forgot’ what you bought it is fun to play in your yarns! Hey, that is why they make those huge plastic storage containers you get at TARGET! It is fun to swap and trade yarns with friends too!
a HUGE stash is the sign of a true knitter! Welcome to the clan!

[B]A Lot of the yarn I have in plastic containers are noted as to what I KNOW I want to do with them.

I saw a pretty SOFT yarn on SPECIAL for onlt 1.99 ! Bernat. So I bught about 8 askeins for an afghan for our family room sofa.

I bought yarn for a Buck a skein at Big Lots, The Jewel Box yarn by Caron. Not sure yet what I’ll do with it. But it’s so pretty.

Now what I WANT is Cashmere. I want scarf that is SO VERY Soft. HAven’t found it yet.


I don’t like buying without a pattern. The stuff I have bought just sits there and I find it too much work to find a pattern for it.

I’d rather buy yarn for a pattern that I adore, than buy yarn on a whim and find a pattern I’m not crazy about, just to make something out of it.