Does anybody understand this pattern

I found this pattern a while back, and it appealed to me b/c it was remarkably similar to a blanket my grandmother had knit. But the thing is, I totally and not getting it! I keep coming up with the wrong amount of stitches, and have no idea what I’m doing wrong! I cast on the required amount of stitches but the rest I’m baffled on. Can anyone help? If I’m not being clear enough, please let me know. Here’s the Link. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What row are you having the problem at?

Are you having too many stitches or not enough? If it is too many stitches you might be doing too many yo or even accidental yos
If you are coming short you are probably missing yo.
For me to do a pattern like that I need to really focus! I put a post it under the row I am doing so I can only see that row. Life line are also very helpful! Amy has a video under trips and tricks I believe

I’m having trouble on the first and second rows. It says to yo k1 3 times on the first row, but you only cast on three stitches?:?? And then on the second row I come up short on stitches. I don’t know if I’m just being dumb or what, but I am seriously confused lol!

the first st is a yo, it’s really hard, but with practice becomes easier.
you just have to make sure you do the first st as a yo.

I pretend i’m going to k a st, but don’t put my needle in the st off the L needle, just in front of the st. then wrap the yarn and then knit the next st, making sure you have a yo, then the k st.

I love that pattern!

It’s pretty straight forward, bet you’re not doing the first yarn over so it stays. Could that be possible? It took me forever to learn to do those.

I’m pretty sure I did the first yarn over. I tried it in the first 3 stiches that I have, but came up with 5 stitches I’m pretty sure. Dang I’m confused lol.

You should end up with 6… yo + k1 + yo + k1 + yo + k1 = 6

Yeah, but aren’t I still missing a stitch if in the next row I have to yo and p6?

Cast on 3sts

1st Row: (Yo, k1) 3 times
[= 6 sts]

2nd Row: Yo, p5, k1
[p5+k1=6st as above + you have to start this row with a yo, so when finished this row, you will have 7 sts]

3rd Row: Yo, p1, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, p1
[p1+k2+k1+k2+p1=7 sts + add in the yo’s throughout the row, total of 10 sts]

Practice the yo at the beginning of the row!
Trust me, that is the st that is throwing you off!

I agree with lynn. You count the first YO as a stitch after you make it. So after the 1st row you have 6 sts, after the next row you have 7 sts, after the 3rd row you’ll have 10 sts because of adding 3 YOs/sts

Ok thank you guys so much! I think I got it now! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let ya’ll know I get what I was doing wrong now. When I went to YO, I’d count that as the knit stitch. I realize now that in this pattern you YO and knit. The YO is just counted differently, if that makes any sense. Either way it goes, the pattern is coming out fine now! :woohoo: :woot: Thank you all so much for helping me understand it!!!:grphug: :muah:

Oh! Yes, a YO is just wrapping around the needle, has nothing to do with a knit stitch.

Ok, that’s what I had been getting confused on. I had read something somewhere that a yo is yarning over the needle and knitting one. That’s where I was getting so confused. So I have this part coming up that says YO, sl 1, K1, PSSO. So, I’ll just wrap the yarn around the needle slip a stitch knit then pass the slipped stitch over right? Sorry about all the questions! Although I’ve been knitting 7 years, I’ve just now gotten around to learning new stitches lol. Anyway, thanks again!!

Yes, that’s right - wrap, slip, knit, pass the slip st.

Don’t feel bad, there’s a lot of instructions that explain a YO that way. They’ve sort of abbreviated the directions which should be “bring the yarn to the front and [B]when[/B] you knit the next stitch you’ve made a YO” or that’s how it should read… Bringing the yarn to the front and then to the back for a knit stitch wraps the yarn over the needle. Of course when you YO between a knit and purl, or 2 purl sts, there’s other movements that are made. But basically, YO is like making a knit stitch except the right needle isn’t inserted into a stitch on the left needle. I used to call it an `air’ stitch.

Okie doke! Thanks so much for the help! It’s really appreciated! I think that I should have this triangle done in a couple of hours. I’ll post a pic when I get done! :slight_smile:

can’t wait to see your image! good luck on your project.