Does anybody sell completed projects on eBay?

Just wondering if anybody has knitted items and sold them on eBay, and what kind of success you’ve had.

I tried about a year ago to sell my scarves on EBay but had no luck at all. There were so many others selling scarves I think mine pretty much got lost in the masses! Also, they charge you for listing an item, charge if you want a picture with the index of listings. Also, if you want a border around your picture or highlight your listing to help it stand out, they charge for that… then they charge a fee when/if you sell the item… I haven’t tried lately, because all of the fees they charge are pretty ridiculous and it just isn’t worth it for me.

That’s kind of what I was wondering too; that’s why I asked. I figured that in order to make a profit, you’d have to charge enough for your time, the materials, and to cover eBay. Plus, I know with sewing, people don’t typically seem to want to pay for handcrafted items (at least that was my mom’s experience), but I didn’t know if the same was true for knitted things.

If you are interested in selling finished items check out Peoplego there to look for handmade items, not necessarily just the cheapest they can get.

You might also check with your LYS and see if they have a need for a sample knitter.