Does anybody know what stitch this is?

Or is it Crochet?

It’s just stockinette st worked very very loosely.

Or maybe I-cord on really big needles.

Ohh yeah, could be I cord.

I also found a similar stitch done on a larger scale ,and it doesn’t look like stockinette done on larger needles. it looks like there is no WS or RS. it would look pretty much the same on both sides and thats not the nature of the stockinette stitch.

Take a look at the video for I-cord under the Free Videos tab at the top of this page, Tips, down towards the bottom, I-cord.

Yeah, I thought maybe it was stockinette curled up, but after seeing salmonmac’s opinion about I cord, I agree. Maybe 5 or 6 sts, but it’s still done on largish needles.

ooppss i forgot to include a link. This is not an i-cord :

Okay, thought we were still talking about that first one.

It’s a mobius, and having looked at a closeup - it’s a fisherman’s or brioche rib st. Done lengthwise then the ends sewn with a twist. The way I do it is CO an even number, knit the first row, then k1 k1below all the way across, ending with k2. All following rows would be the same. It comes out reversible and nice and cushy. You can slip the first st, then do the k1 k1b and you’d end up with a k1 at the end. I’ve seen a lot of scarves in the store made this way.

i thought it was the fisherman stitch too. its probably done on larger needles to give the loose effect. thank you all!!

I have size 19 needles and the stitches appear to be larger than that. I think it’s done on the Lion Brand plastic needles size 35 or 50. Those are straight needles so I’m guessing it’s just plain stockinette that’s curling. My 19’s were very hard to knit with. They’re gathering dust in a storage box. I would imagine the project goes very quickly.