Does anybody here LARP or RPG?

Just wondering realy. i am a memeber of a fairly active LARP group here at uni, as well as partaking in one or two table top games, and i know that a lot of people i play with are very ‘crafty’, what with making our own costumes, armour etc. ok so the craftiness tends to lean toward leatherwork and riveting but still.
any other out there?

I haven’t RPG’d in about 3 years, just due to lack of time really… but would love to get back into it. DH and I used to RPG together, he’d play a magic user and I’d play a tank.

But, DH is not the slightest bit crafty. Although he’s good at painting minis, I don’t trust him with a screwdriver. :slight_smile:

I do - not so much these days but I’m in a biweekly ADnD game with the guys who are developing some of the premier software for helping out tabletop gamers! I take along my knitting for when I’m not involved :wink: I used to do much more, Vampire, Werewolf, 7th Sea etc, and some LARP stuff, but not much because I have a chronic pain condition so could never really rely on my health for running around fields…

Crafts wise, a friend and I make the ‘Role-player Range’ of items, silly things that we’re hoping to sell in the local gaming shop, like dice bags, card holders, elf ear hairbands, and so on and so forth - there’s a huge range of stuff that we can make, just got to make up all the prototypes and stop giving them away lol. I use all kinds of crafts to do these - knitting, crochet, sewing, beading, wirework, glasspainting, and clay among other things.

Fi xxx

I don’t, but just thought I would comment on the crafty side of all this. My eldest son who’s 24, used to do the larping thing at university, but when he came back home to Norwich and met his current girlfriend she said she would leave him if he joined the local larping group:mrgreen: …so he goes out a couple of times a week to RPG nowadays, and he is definitely good at arts and crafts. He’s good at art, very good at model making and does pretty good sewing repairs on his clothes, I would think if he was interested he would knit very well!

Okay so I obviously don’t LARP or RPG b/c I haven’t the slightest clue what you are talking about. Could you please enlighten me : )

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play and is the dress up in costume and act it out variety of RPG which stands for Role Play Game.
these are (usually) fantasy or sci-fi adventure games which can be played online, with a set of cards and dice or similar (often reffered to as table-topping) or acted out in real time by people (LARP).
In all varieties you take on a character, there are various skill sets or attributes, and other thingimajigies which you can use and sort of fill out the rules of the game.

all very good fun and very odd at times. (this is the game i play most frequently, if you want to get a better description than my ramblings)

Oh my god, tarentella - you’re in Treasure Trap! I went to Durham Uni - it was pretty much the best time of my life, but unfortunately I had to leave early due to ill health! Do you still scare the freshers on the hill outside Dunelm during the fresher’s fair? :slight_smile: