Does any one else

Find knitting with double points to be soothing? I’ve made one pair of socks, a pair of baby booties and have started another pair of sock and another pair of booties and made several hats and have one on the needles now :teehee:cloud9 And I just love knitting with them, it’s just so relaxing to me.

I do as well. I’m on my third pair of socks this winter. I like the rhythm of moving from needle to needle.

Actually, I find knitting with double-pointed needles… protective. As in, if anyone dares threaten me, I’ve got 4! weapons right at hand.

Perhaps this is because I once was engaged to a man who informed me that he considered, as a teenager, any girl coming to his woodland hangout… fair game for rape. I broke off the engagement ver-ry soon after that matter-of-fact statement with a note and the Ring left in his mailbox. When he came storming over, I held my half-finished sock and 4 pointed, shiny-silver needles in my hands. He ranted from the far side of the room, then kicked his way out of my house. I never heard from him again.

I’ve felt safe using double-pointed needles ever since.

I like knitting with the dpn’s because, yeah , it is rythmic and soothing. I also like the clickety hiss sound that the yarn n needles make as you are working. I’ve made 16 pair of sox since Nov. and a couple hats and mits. :knitting:

I’m on my first pair of socks and I like knitting with DPNs because although it looks difficult, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It’s impressive to those around you- even when you’re just doing stockinette!

Most of what I have knitted lately has been on 4 or 5 DPNs. Just love it. Once I get started I don’t have to think about it. It just moves along. Love it!:muah:

I like using them too. Mine are the only wooden needles that I have and so I have double the reason to like 'em!

i must admit, I love knitting with dpns better 'n anything.

You give me hope. I’m scared of DPNs and haven’t tried them yet. When I finish some of these rectangles I’ve got hanging around, I will have to conquer 2 fears: DPNs and Socks!

Count me in :slight_smile:

I avoided double points for YEARS! No idea why I let them intimidate me. First time I tried them I loved them.
I even use double points with stitch protectors on the ends for straights unless they are just too short for the project.
Mama Bear

I do too. I get in a rhythm and feel soooooo relaxed.

Eventhough I knit most everything else on circs I still love the process of knitting with DPN’s…It’s almost hypnotic.

But I do believe I made a small boy wet himself the other day on the bus…I ride the back of the bus to knit on my way to work and a Mom and little boy boarded and headed for seats where I was sitting…The child looked up and saw these four pointy things flying and screamed, stopped in his tracks and would go no further…I looked up so see what was happening and then realized he was looking at me in terror! I held back the laugher and put my knitting away…He calmed down but would not sit in the seat…His Mom held him for the rest of the ride!

Evil knitter that I am, I have been laughing at that all weekend!

Me too! I love knitting with them , I just wish I could get longer ones so I can do all my circular knitting on them!:knitting: .

redmom, I have seen articles with pictures of women in europe using 8 or more dpns to knit sweaters in the round. I think before there were circulars that was the method used. I do have multiple sets of a couple of sizes of dpns but so far haven’t tried that.

I was very intimidated by DPNs at first but after I got the hang of 'em, I gotta admit, I love 'em. Now I use circs for my flat knitting & DPNs for my small round stuff. KnitPurlGurl, don’t worry. I’m doing socks on DPNs right now so Monday I’ll show ya your fears are unwarranted. :wink:

Oh I love my dpn’s I can’t tell ya how many I have more than three of each smaller sizes. I just use them for socks. I love them as everyone has said being out with them everyone looks at them flying. They are so easy to use. So yup Love those double pointed needles. Best thing I ever learned making sockscloud9:heart:. I am going to get me some of the longer needles the 8 inch from Knitpicks this coming week. Yay can’t wait to order them. Now it is the new ones or the metal maybe both:roflhard:.

me too! it is soothing, isn’t it? I never would’ve believed it when I first tried it, :teehee: , but it’s very relaxing going round and round-nice and rhythmic!

Dot, that’s SCARY!! Thank God you got away before you married him :shock:

I personally still find socks a little intimidating-I’ve made one toddler sized pair, and it was fun but hard. I’m sure the next pair will be easier but I have yet to try the next pair, lol. I LOVE making hand-warmers though! FUN!!! I’ve made five pair so far and am working on another since November.

You don’t need longer DPNs to replace circulars… just get like 4-5 sets of the same size!

Can you say, 8 needles in a circle? Just be sure your tension keeps the ones not currently in use from falling out.


Yep, I love 'em too!

I love my dpns! I’ve knit 5 pairs of socks for Christmas and have another OTN right now (for me this time). Socks are so addicting once you learn how and find a pattern that you enjoy doing. I don’t even need to look at the pattern anymore. Doing so many pairs of socks successfully has inspired me to try my first sweater as my next project. I figure that if I can turn a heel I can sew up some seams. I wonder why that seems so daunting to me? No more dwelling on it - I’m just going to jump on in.