Do your straight needles need a new home?

The knitting guild I’m in needs some needles for our learn-to-knit kits. We have lots of huge needles in the kits, and those are really hard for beginners to learn on. If you have some straight needles, especially in sizes 5-9, that you’re not using anymore, let me know! (I’ll also take other sizes if you like.)

I have several types of recycled yarn and some sock yarn if you’re interested. I also have some magazine back issues.

Thanks in advance! :muah:

I have several long needles that I never use anymore.

Where can I send the ones I want to get rid of?

You’re welcome to trade sock yarn for them. I knit socks all the time.

Sandy if you plan on sending some needles let me know. I have 3 sets I can add and will help with the shipping.


Hey! That means we can get together again! :cheering:
(and don’t worry about the shipping.)

I have a few sets needles that could use a new home. They are the aluminum ones. Are you still interested?

I have a set of aluminum 7’s and plastic 13’s if you are still interested. I’d be interested in sock yarn or magazines. Let me know!

Knitters are the best! I think we’ve collected enough for now. Thanks, everyone!