Do you wash your knitting after you have made something?

Does anyone wash what they have made after it is knitted and before they give it away?

I am talking just regular old acrylic yarn, not wool.

Just wondering…

Personally, I think I would. It would snap it back into shape since it kind of gets stretched out AND it would remove the cat hair that invariably ends up on everything I do. :wink: :roflhard:

Yep… I wash everything. Think of all that yarn running between your fingers for days, weeks, months. Even though I’m a hand washing freak, I still don’t like the idea of giving an item away without washing it first. Plus I like the fresh laundered smell. :slight_smile:

yep I do!

I wash my things before giving.

I have been washing everything too.

I agree with Silver and the whole been through fingers for months, etc. so I wash everything too.

I was just wondering if I was being anal about it.


I have some hats that I will be knitting for Christmas out of handpainted yarn. Washing will be critical. They reek of vinegar from the dying process!!!

Like Jan I seem to knit with more cat hair than yarn although I try to pull it out as I see it or take a lint brush over me before I start to knit… my cat is short haired too I didn’t think I would have this problem but I do :lol:

Yeah, i generally do - except baby stuff.

I always warn the mother to wash the garment or blanket before using it because i don’t have any of that fancy baby-stuff detergent. You know the kind of stuff with no perfume or dye. I never have it on hand and i’d never use it myself (no kids), and i figure all mothers are crazed about washing things - so i let them do it! :slight_smile:

But for adult stuff? yeah, i wash it before handing it over.