Do you wash you FO's before giving them away?

I usually don’t I just give them to the recipient. I usually keep my WIP in my knitting bag that is full to the brim :teehee: but clean.
However, my 1st project I made was a scarf for my nephew. I use to take my bag with me and eat my lunch while I knit… .Well, the first time he picked it up he said "Wow’… …"uh, this smells like soup~"
I don’t know if it was chunky beef or vegetable but he was right~ :teehee:

I’m knitting some socks for a coworker, I think I’m going to wash them. That way I can block and make them look pretty and put together. Other than that I don’t think I’ve washed many scarves before giving them as gifts.

I was going to say, it all depends on what it is, and whether I am blocking it or if it can be machine washed. Usually no.

Yes, I give a good wash to even out the stitches. Plus, the natural oils from your hands can rub off on the item. Sometimes I even wash the yarn before knitting. :teehee:

For me it depends on the object–if it’s a baby item I usually do but sometimes I don’t even do that–I just let the person know to wash it before using it. That may sound strange but I have had a few friends that had prior kids w/ allergies and were very picky about detergent–I wasn’t going to buy a container of dreft just for the one item, ya know? OTher than that–usually not but if I were really trying to impress someone I probably would (it really does help to even out the stitches).

No I do not. My knitting practices keep my work impeccable. I knit gifts very quickly, so there’s no time to gather dust. I start 'em and finish 'em obsessively! No cats in our house either. No smoking, no food frying.

So far I’ve washed everything, just because you never know what your hands may have picked up from anywhere, I’m quite a clean person and my knitting is stored in clean tins away from cats, cooking and dust and I always wash my hands before knitting, but you never know.

I have a small packet of non-bio washing tablets that I use only for gift knitting for children, and I always tell the recipients parent what its been washed in. They seem to appreciate knowing that its been washed.


[color=indigo]I always wash them as they are so much softer and look nicer once washed. And if any of the woven ends are going to come loose I’d rather they came loose when I can fix them rather than have them not worn or brought back to be fixed.[/color]

I wash everything except knitted toys. Washing it makes it look nicer and more finished, plus sometimes it will loosen stitches to the point that the item must be blocked back to shape. I need to know exactly how the item reacts to laundering, so I can tell the recipient what to do.
I’ve learned from experience! :wink:

I always mean to wash things, but I almost always finish them so last minute that I don’t get a chance to.

There is one type of item that always gets washed. Felted things. :teehee: