Do you want to design your own garments?

I know we’ve had several posts from members who want to learn to design their own garments. I was checking Amazon a few minutes ago and this was a new recommended book. It’s fairly new… 9/08 so you may not have seen it yet so I thought I’d share.

Custom Knits: Unleash Your Inner Designer with Top-Down and Improvisational Techniques by Wendy Bernard

People have discussed this one on Ravelry and highly recommend it.

It has a lot of good reviews.

I would be somewhat interested in designing my own garments because often I am dissatisfied with what is out there. I find it difficult to find stylish, young, and sophisticated garments. That being said I have a long queue on Ravelry and I have found more and more of this type of sweater etc. Especially since more people have discovered knitting.

It would be helpful to know how to create a garment for alteration purposes though. For those times you love a sweater but want a different type of sleeve or neckline or whatever.