Do you use the wool called for in the pattern?

I am looking at what to do once I have finished the practice scarf I am making (just using it to learn how to actually knit) and have chosen another scarf that has a bit of detail on it. So anyway I headed down to k-mart yesterday as the website I got it off said that our k-mart stocks their yarn and picked up a ball and it was $5, not too bad, except I need 5 balls. The yarn was really nice, thick and soft (I think it was a wool/acrylic/alpaca blend or something like that), and I would love to have something made of it, but a $25 scarf is really not in my budget. Would it be ok to switch to a cheaper wool or should you stick with what they recommend in the pattern?

To be honest, I very rarely use the wool that the pattern calls for. Having said that, it took me a couple of weeks to work out how to find the guage of a pattern and which ones were ‘safe’ to substitute with. I reccommend “Stitch N’ Bitch Nation” to hep with that. :slight_smile: It certainly helped me!

I almost never use the yarn that the pattern calls for, and I’ll think you’ll find most knitters do the same. There are lots of yarns out there that are much more afordable than $25 for a scarf!

To switch yarns, you really just need to find something in the same gauge (this information will be in your pattern and on the ball band of the yarn) and most of the time the same type of fiber. Sometimes, you can even use a different fiber, but use your judgement on this.

If ya need further help… well, that’s what we’re here for. And to eat your choklit.

um but I don’t have any choklit :teehee:

thanks for the advice, I did like the feel of the yarn, would make the nicest softest blanket to snuggle into on a cold winters night hehehe, but I think I might try and find something cheaper, maybe save the good stuff for when I have a bit of experience LMAO, wouldn’t want to stuff up a $25 scarf now would I? hehehe

Or waste your choklit money! One more thing though, do get the best yarn you can afford, and keep an eye on this here forum. The ladies (and our token mens) are always posting yarn sales, their favorite cheap yarn, etc. One good example is, good yarn, cheap prices, etc.

Don’t get something you don’t like cause it’s cheap, that’s just silly. You could buy more choklit! :pout:


yeah the problem I have is in my area the only places that sell arts and crafty sort of things are places like K-mart and ours has a shocking range lol, really sucks, we have just had a Lincraft open about 15 minutes away but I think I will only ever go there when there is a sale on as they are horribly overpriced.

I had some choklit the other night but we ate it all in like 10 minutes, they really need to make never ending choklit LMAO, can’t wait till my birthday, I always get thos yummy guylian seashell choccys, mmmmmmm, they are sooooo yummmy

MY birthday is in 2 months!! I want choccy seashell thingies.

I hear ya bout the lack o’ yarn in the area. My closest yarn store is about 40 miles away. Yip-freaking-ee! Probably a good thing, though, cause I have choklit. :heart:

actually you know what I want more then chocolate? bananas, we had a cyclone wreak all our nanas this year so they are like $12-$14 a kg!!! they are normally like $2 lol, so can’t wait, they are ment to come back down in the next few months…

I wish I knew more about kg… ours are like… $0.42 a lb.

um kg=kilo=2.2pounds? so paying $12 for 2 pounds

HOLLY CRAP! You mean regular old bannanas?

yep, hence the reason I have not had a banana in like 6 months lol

:shock: I can’t even imagine $12 for bananas!

Oh, and I rarely use the yarn called for either. I would say most people probably don’t.

Where on earth do you live that bannanas cost that much??

looks like she might be in Australia?

Oh, DUH! Thanks, kempest! :teehee:

hehehe yes in australia. Probably wouldn’t be a problem except the government wont let them import bananas, something about them not wanting to bring deseases into the country or something like that anyway lol.