Do you use a "Finisher"?

I have on occasion used a hired seamstress to finish off sweaters. I am the worst seamstress in the world so I can take a beautiful piece of knitting and turn it into a disaster. How about you?

I am a total weirdo that enjoys finishing almost as much as knitting. :oops:
I totally get a kick out of making a perfect seam. I know, I’m a dork.

I do too. Makes me giddy like a school girl. :teehee: :rofl:

I’m just gonna come out and ask…what’s a finisher??? :??

I don’t know what a finisher is :shrug:

Perhaps someone who finishes the garments for you…sister, mother, friend? :shrug:

A have no finisher (whatever it is) and I really hate sewing pieces together and always try to avoid it :grrr:

That’s why I love raglan sweaters knitted from top down on circular needles :cheering:

I’m beginning to like to seam…I’m not a seaming lover, but I no longer hate it, let’s just say that :wink:

Many LYS by me offer it a a service. It is someone who blocks then seams up sweaters, etc.- in other words finishes them off.

I might try it with this sweater.
But just for the shoulders to arms parts.
Apparently shoulders and I are not friends, not friends at all.

I do too. Makes me giddy like a school girl. :teehee: :rofl:[/quote]

:teehee: Just last week I was going on about how much I love doing mattress stitch, while my husband just looked at me like :?eyebrow:. :rofl: