Do you use a Blocking Board?

Does anyone use a blocking board for blocking their knitting and if so what type is it and where did you get it?

I am a fairly new knitter and so far have only made a few scarves and three tops. I just blocked them by steaming them on the ironing board but now that I’m getting really into my knitting I’m wondering whether or not to invest in a blocking board.

Any advice would be great.

Many thanks

I know blocking boards have all the measurements and stuff, but I just use our spare bedroom bed and a tape measure. I’ve also done it on towels I put on top of carpet.

I’m new to knitting too and didn’t want to spend a lot on blocking. Ingrid gave me a great tip - and it worked PERFECTLY on the last shawl I made.

I washed the item, laied it out on towels on my carpet and put blocking pins through the towels, into the carpet to hold the item in place. I let it dry for a few days and it was perfect!

My only problem with blocking boards is the size - the shawl was 67" long and I doubt I could find a board that big. The towels are the perfect solution! The only investment was the rust proof blocking pins.

Good Luck!

I use foam tiles. The primary color ones you can put on the floor in a play area. They are 1 sq. foot and can be arranged according to the needed size. When not in use they store compactly.

I invested in one, although I agree it’s not a complete necessity. The largest item I’ve blocked is a shawl & the board wasn’t long enough for that–I had to block it in 2 parts. I plan to knit more sweaters so it’ll be nice to have because it has the markings on it. Still, I know plenty of knitters get by without one.

I’ve not seen an actual blocking board. I’ve seen the instructions to make one using a specific kind of board - here in the UK that board is called Pinnacle Board. The instructions said cover it with some check fabric (to use as guides - 1" checks work well) and use that.

Now I’ve yet to actually make something that needs blocking - I’m on sock mania at the moment - but a project I do have on the go right now will need blocking.

I like the carpet / towels idea and I also like the play blocks in primary colours idea - good for stacking out of the way when not in use.