Do You Think The World Preceives Knitters As Nerds?


depends on your definition of nerd. I don’t think so, but what do I know? I never pay attention to what other people think. This often gets me in trouble.

They may think of us as nerds–but do I care?? NO!! It gives me a lot of joy when my husband says, “It always amazes me when you take 5 little sticks and a ball of yarn and make a pair of socks!!” And when he’s proud to tell others about my knitting–I don’t feel bad at all! I take it most everywhere I go,and people seem to like to look at it–so, am I a nerd, absolutely!! Do I care? Absolutely not! :smiley:

I could care less what people think. I knit. Am enjoying it, and wouldn’t stop knitting, no matter what sort of raised eyebrows I get directed at me.

What I am seeing, is a real feeling that knitting, is not a GrannySquare thing anymore, (although I doo soo badly want to make a Granny Square Afgan. And thanks to the person that posted the thread about the left over sock afgan idea! ) :shock: The blogs out there are incredible. Artful, real. The information on knitting on the web, and especially here is amazing. People are creating some great/awesome/cool things, and I am having a wonderful time learning.

I guess, the reason I posted this question is that I wondered if anyone felt a sort of prejudice (for want of a better word) towards your knitting, and how you felt about it.

I make socks and I’m proud of it. :cheering:

okay, :oops: I have a confession to make. Before I really got into knitting and loving it as I do…I use to attend a meeting a few years ago. There was a lady there that ALWAYS had her knitting with her. She barely had to look at the paper in front of her to follow the intricate pattern she was knitting. :XX: :XX:

I remember watching her and thinking wow…thats amazing how fast she is knitting. She lookef so relaxed…but then I would think she seems detached from the meeting since she must be distracted by all that knitting. It realy made me “wonder” about her and what she was like to be able to create something like that and still be in the meeting. I found her knitting distracting me!! lol

I’ve only knit in public once so far at a doctor’s office. I knit for hours every day at home but have not felt the need to carry it with me yet. I’m sure when we take a trip this summer I WILL bring it in the car so I have something to “do” on the long drive. :smiley:

Most people I know are amazed by it and love to see my progress. I think it’s actually become ‘trendy’ to knit. I’ve read a lot about how it’s making a huge comeback!! :cheering:

LOL, better question is, "Do you care what the world thinks of knitting or are you happy doing what you are doing?"

People are usually impressed–even my teenage students. There are a few people (usually men) at work who roll their eyes goodnaturedly when I pull it out at meetings, but they’re the same ones who practice their golf swings and bat swings while standing in the hallway or get into very heated discussions about one sports figure/team or another. When they get on the subject of golf, I’m the one rolling my eyes and cracking jokes.

I never see any negativity.

There are some, certainly, that think it’s an odd/old-fashioned/grandma thing to do, but I think most people find it interesting. I ADORED my knitting grandma - she taught me when I was young - and I feel connected to her now that I’ve started knitting for real as an adult. I have lots of her knitting things (circs, piles of DPNs, tape measures, needle guage, scissors, etc.) and I believe she’s smiling down from heaven! :smiley:

So for those that don’t get it - I agree with everyone else - who cares? I kind of like to think that I debunk the stereotype!!


Maybe this will help the perception…I saw a post re: world wide KIP day (June 10) :smiley:

Well…not in the dungeons and dragons kinda way…

Most people I meet think it’s cool and that it must be very hard and they try to look at it over your shoulder. Little kids seem to think it’s really cool too and they want to know how you do it. Kinda fun!

Just don’t carry your needles in a pocket protector! :roflhard:


I don’t care how I’m perceived, either; although knitting has become “trendy” with shows like Knitty Gritty, books like S&B, Sexy Knitters Club, etc. It’s more “hip” than in times past.

I can be seen as a nerd for other things, too–I read a lot, I wear “librarian” glasses. So knitting just makes the nerd thing complete for me! :rofling:

My DH plays hockey at the local rink here in town, and you would not believe how much ribbing ( :doh: awful pun not intentional but unavoidable) I got from the other players in the league the first time I was knitting in the lobby before the game. I just smiled serenely and told them they’d better be nice to me, I had pointy things in my hands! Not that I would’ve risked getting my scarf all messed up, but why tell them that?

I don’t care what people think of my knitting, good or bad. I don’t do it for them, I do it for me. (And a big fat NYAH to them anyway!)

I’m 21 and everyone that I’ve told I knit are like, “Oh really? I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit!”

Just yesterday I gave a coworker this website address so she can learn!

I think my knitting makes me look super cool. It’s when I open my mouth that people figure out I’m a geek… :rollseyes:

I don’t know about “nerds” specifically, but I do catch a lot of flak from younger co-workers about “whatcha knittin’ granny?”. :rollseyes: