Do you think Gloss would work for Lucie?

I really want to knit Lucie from the Fall Knitty, but the yarn they’ve used is way too $$$$ for me!

So, I was thinking about subing Knit Picks Gloss. It’s the right weight and also a merino/silk blend. Of course, it’s not a variegated yarn, but I think I might like the sweater better in a solid color anyway. And, I could knit the whole sweater for less than $30!

So, what do you guys think? Would that be a reasonable sub, or should I keep looking?

I’m all for substituting yarns - I never buy the suggested ones because of the $$$$. I’d say that since both of the yarns you have considered are the same weight and even the same fiber content, I’d say go for it! :muah:

Could someone just clue me in on this pattern? How are they using size 6 needles on a fingering weight yarn single strand? And getting tight stockinette? I don’t get it.

Thanks knitqueen!

Nikki – :thinking: Good question. The gauge is 7 sts/inch. Maybe the designer is a tight knitter to get that gauge on 6s???

I think maybe the gloss is too thin for the gauge in the pattern. You will need something a little heavier if the gauge is 7 spi with a #6 needle.

Well, shucks! I should have known getting the yarn to make that sweater for under $30 was too good to be true.

Anybody know of any other, less pricey, yarns I could sub?

That gauge is something between DK and sport weight…you can go to to narrow it down by weight or SWTC Pure soysilk has almost that exact gauge if that is in the $$$ range.

That is toooo strange. If you go to her web site and look at the recommended yarn, the specs say that it is a fingering weight yarn, 2300 yards per pound (510 yards per 100g skein). Gloss is 420 yards per 100g skein…so technically, a slightly heavier yarn.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about. How is she using that yarn on size 6 needles and getting a tightly knitted fabric?

:shrug: Maybe you should email the designer. It would be a shame to get a yarn you think would work and then have it be so off that you can’t use it.

Yeah, I think if/when I get around to knitting this one, I’ll have to do that. I’ll be sure to let you all know if I find out!