Do you think...(gauge question)

Next projects reccomended yarn is Noro Big Bebe so I am wondering if I could use 2 strands of knitpicks Crayon to get a similar gauge :??

I think its work a quick swatch.

Although, the Crayon doesnt have the wool, ramie & nylon that the Noro has. AND, I think you’d have to play with needle size, because even with two strands, it might be a smidge thinner than the Noro. 2 st per in??? That is some BIG FAT HEFTY yarn!!! :shock:

So is the price :rollseyes: 28 yards for $10. Ugh, I would need at least 5 of the Noro. I could use 3 strands of the Crayon too :thinking: It is just a shoulder warmer that I am making so I think I have some play room with guage.

I’m knitting with Crayon now & it is rather ‘bumpy’ and thick here & there; I think if u knit a swatch & play around with the needles that it would do fine IMHO :wink:

THat crayon looks kinda thick. Maybe its just my computer but I would just double not triple on the crayon.