Do you take your projects with you everywhere?

I usually have something with me to knit, currently its plain socks, I keep them in a little draw string bag, along with my scissors, hand cream, darning needles and a spare ball so when I finish this sock, another one can be knit. Iam fortunate enough to have a job where I can knit while I talk. It helps me focus with my Adult ADD as well.

yep I always have something small like a sock or dishrag… I have one of these…

That is actually very cool, I could stash one of those in my purse and not feel quite so conspicuous with my giant knitting bag!!

I ALWAYS take a noncomplicated (no chart reading there or any kind of instruction reading there, it’s too difficult) project when I take Dyl to TKD since we go 3 times a week and each class is 45 minutes. about 3 months ago I forgot to take my knitting there one Monday and I developed a real whopper of a headache, which I think was from knitting withdrawal :doh:. today I’m taking what I hope will become a sock, since I’m still in the middle of doing the ribbing in Silver’s tutorial.

I also take knitting to the dentist or doctor’s office, and anywhere I have to sit and wait.

I ALWAYS have a project with my (usually a no brainer scarf) no matter where I go - thank God. There was a freeway closure on my way home two weeks ago and we were stuck on the freeway, engines turned off for over 2 hours! I would have lost my mind without having something to do.

That small knitting bag from knitpicks is too cool~! I like it because it’s small enough to discourage me from taking my WHOLE knitting bat~~ and I could easily hide it in my purse~~ :teehee: :teehee:

I was getting ready to leave for work today, late of course, and I thought, I don’t have to take my knitting bag. It isn’t packed and I won’t have time to knit today anyway. But I COULD NOT leave the house without it. I tried. But I went back for it. I can’t stand the idea that I might have time to knit and not have something with me!!!

I too have the knitting pouch. I love it!

Yep, everywhere. Car, dr’s office, work, airplane, the list goes on. . .

Y’all should see my bag. I only work on one project at a time. I’m currently into socks, so the project is not big.

But, I always take my Vera Bradley bag with me. I have to have my set of Options with me just to show off to people who have absolutely NO clue what the big deal is.

I also throw in one or more of my college books. I carry this bag everywhere, including my daughter’s surgery last week. I took mid-terms and knitted during her surgery and stay in the hospital.

As someone said, you are inviting lots of questions, but it’s a fun way to be social.

I always take what I’m knitting to school with me. I knit before school, after school, lunch, passing time, a little while the teacher is lecturing… :eyebrow: and everywhere else I have the chance.

I always bring a project with me.
I used to only bring knitting if I knew I’d have to wait somewhere for a while (e.g. dentist office). A few months ago I went to get my brakes changed at the car place. They told me 20-30 minutes so I decided to wait it out. The 20-30 minutes turned into 3 hours. Three whole hours of me just sitting in the waiting room without my knitting, reading the same magazine over over and over again. :wall:
From then on I decided that I would always always always carry needles and yarn with me, even if it’s only to pick up my dry cleaning.[/b][/i]

Ok, I admit I take my knitting anywhere I can. :teehee:

I even take it to church, :oops: but usually it’s just when we have a meeting or something I can know I won’t feel bad about bringing out my knitting. I treated myself to a nice knitting bag and keep a couple projects in it, I can just grab and go. If I don’t want to drag my whole bag out of the car, I have one project that is portable and I can easily pull out. I knit while I wait for the kids at the dance class, at library, and almost always when I am going anywhere in the car - well when I am not driving… :roflhard: And I always take a project or two or three or four when I go on vacation.

I took my knitting to a Pampered Chef show. Knit on a simple project while chatting with my friends before the show started. (you know how all those party things never start on time) However, when the girl started her demo, I put it away. I didn’t want to appear rude.

I do take knitting almost everywhere, except that I put it away when called for. Don’t want to appear like a nut case. I am a nut case, don’t get me wrong…just don’t want to look like a nut case! :eyebrow:

I do not bring knitting to church or business meetings.

I think being a teenager really sets me apart in this discussion. I don’t know about adults (meaning people 20 years of age and older) but I’m under HEAPS of scrutiny EVERYWHERE.

I take my knitting almost everywhere though. In the car with my Mum wherever, I took it in the car with my boyfriend just last saturday. We had a long stop light, so as I’m sitting there, looking out the window and not even having to look (it’s a scarf worked in knit 4 purl 4 ribbing. too simple for words), then I felt weird. He was staring motuh-agape at me. I was like “I know I’m gorgeous but JEEZE boyo!” and he just laughs. Later he was like “That was amazing. You didn’t even have to look while you were knitting, and you were goin SO FAST! God. What is up with you?” I said “You know, I may be a grade 11 in grade 8 math, but I can count to 4.” and he just looked at me like I was insane. It was HILARIOUS.

I take my knitting to school. I got the most work done in Choir class. I have taken it to church once before, but since my church is Korean-speaking, I have to really pay attention, and listen REALLY hard. So I opted out on taking it to church, either my counting will get thrown off, or my translation. A sermon saying “Jesus loves ALL of his children” could easily turn into “Jesus will rain fire down upon us all and eat our remains for breakfast” or something. :roflhard:

Anyways. I’m a knitting knerd for life. I take it everywhere with pride.

HEy I like the term:

``KNiITTING KNERD~!! :cheering: :roflhard: :roflhard: :cheering:

How did you end up in a Korean speaking church, if you don’t mind me asking? I think that’s fascinating…especially since it doesn’t sound like it’s your native tongue.

I don’t knit in church, because hubby is the youth pastor and I have to sit on the front row next to him. Since everyone and their grandmother can clearly see what I am doing, I am not to be distracting (it’s not like I’ve asked our pastor, but he’s a friend of ours, and I know that he would harass me mercilessly!).

Everywhere else that my hubby will let me, I bring my knitting. If we go over to someone’s home, I bring it. Every waiting room, I have it. And we are driving somewhere together, he drives, I knit.

I actually hate driving now, because I would much rather be knitting!


I always have my knitting at hand - my husband and I carpool - he drives, I knit - it works out nicely!

I have to fly next month - what have been your experiences with getting on a plane with knitting needles? I read the TSA rules and it seems somewhat subjective. I don’t want to cause an “incident” - anything to share?


I take my knitting with me to the hockey games. I usually only knit between periods but it sure makes the time fly. I love hockey…and now I even enjoy the intermission! :teehee:

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[/quote] I take my knitting with me to the hockey games. I usually only knit between periods but it sure makes the time fly. I love hockey…and now I even enjoy the intermission! Giggling[quote]

:teehee: I took mine to the Redskins/Giants game that dh and I went to. he loves footbal. Me not so much. It was crowded, but I did work on my sock a bit! So we paid quite a bit of money for me to knit and drink a few beers! :teehee: