Do you take your projects with you everywhere?

Or practically anywhere? I am a new Southern Living at Home consultant, so I had my launch party today, and one of my guests brought her most recent knitting project! She didn’t work on it of course, but it made me wonder when I would be brave enough (and have children old enough to not have to watch them every second in public! :teehee: ) to just carry my knitting bag with me. (and it wasn’t her purse- that was seperate) She comes to knit night at my lys, so it wasn’t a big surprise, I just want to be that way too!!

I always have something with me. There are times I leave it in the car, but most of the time I pull out whatever I’m working on–nothing complicated or that needs me to refer to a pattern, but something simple.

Dahlin’ from one southern belle to another:
YEP I KNIT EVEYWHERE I CAN~~! I knit during my breaks at lunch, i have knit at class before, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, restaurants( I have one pal who doesn’t like me doing it though :pout: , I knit in church (WITH the pastor’s blessing before I started )…

I :heart: :heart: :heart: to knit ~ and givein the chance I will not anywhere~!!


Yep, I :heart: :heart: to Knit In Public (KIP)~! :roflhard:

I knit in church (WITH the pastor’s blessing before I started )…

I often wonder if I knitted in church that I would listen better. I have Adult ADD, so knitting helps keep me focused…

typically I allow myself a maximum of 3 projects at one time. Normally, one of those will be a pair of socks. I purposely bought a HUGE purse and can nicely fit the socks into my purse.

For things like sweaters, no I don’t. I find that I like to work on those in large chunks of time to have a nice uniform look. So I don’t take those on tours!

I always have a sock with me. It has turned into a security blanket for me. Even if I don’t knit a stitch, I have to have a sock or other small project with me.

Where in Northern VA are you Meri? I’m in the Manassas area.

You are really close to me, I live in Fredericksburg!

Small world! :waving: howdy neighbor :teehee:

i pretty much knit everywhere except church

Between knitting, crochet & tatting I almost ALWAYS have something with me to work on :teehee: I’ve worked on projects waiting for meetings, appointments, … you name it I’ve kipped it :wink:

Yep, I carry my knitting everywhere! If I didn’t, I’d never get the time to knit! I frequently carry it and don’t get a chance to knit, but I hate it when I end up with a free half hour and don’t have it!

I totally agree with you Laura~!! :cheering: any time that I have down time (not just relaxing time) but acutal down time… I could be gettin’ some knittin’ done~!! :eyebrow: If I WAITED to find time to knit I never WOULD knit~!! :eyebrow: and that’s a freakin’ tragedy in intself…~! :roflhard:

always have something with me and i get a little panicky when i don’t. I totally would have knitted at the party unless you had me so busy that i didn’t have time. :angelgrin:

I have a bag with some projects that I take everywhere! I knit almost anywhere, except church (and the ladies’ room). I will confess to having knit a few stitches in REALLY bad traffic (which doesn’t happen often in OKC!) or at red lights - but only garter stitch, which I can do without looking.

I was sitting in the mall the other day waiting for my daughter. She walked up on me knitting on my sock and called me a geek! I always have something to knit with me. It is usually a sock since that is such a portable project.

Yep, I KIP all of the time. Lately I haven’t gotten out of the house much and when I do I tend to be playing mommy to the newborn but that aside–I work on knitting projects EVERYWHERE. The only place I don’t knit is in Church and like someone else said, in the ladies room! The only problem I have w/ KIP is that many times it makes people curious and they start asking questions. I don’t mind answering questions to someone who is interested but I’ve dropped stitches or lost track of what I was doing when it’s happened on the train and I once knitted a row that I was supposed to turn on a cable project when I was riding in the car w/ a co-worker to a conference.

Usually if I can just keep my mouth shut and knit I’m okay! LOL! :rofl:

No, I don’t take my knitting with me everywhere I go. That would be obsessive. I can think of lots of places where I don’t carry it with me.

ummmmm, lemme think…

I’ll get back to you on that.

Heck yeah!! :angelgrin:

:cheering: yep I always have something small like a sock or dishrag… I have one of these… so in the mornings and evenings as we wait for the school bus I can knit…