Do you swatch in pattern?

Or straight garter?

What if you are stranding, do you swatch with stranding?

I’ll be doing my first felting project with a little stranding and planned on doing a swatch with stranding and felting it…

Your pattern should tell you what stitch to do the swatch in. I usually see gauge measured in stockinette stitch.

ya know, I meant stockinette and changed it to garter because of the article that talks about gauge…oops. Thank you! What about the stranding with felting though? Would I do a separate swatch or see how it felts together with both colors (which makes more sense to me)? My pattern gives stitch and row measurements for felted and unfelted, but doesn’t mention using both colors…

For size, I wouldn’t think swatching with two colors would matter (if you’re using the same weight yarn, that is). However, if you want to see how they look after felting, then by all means, swatch away! :wink: