Do you slip in the front or back

I am working off a pattern for the first time by myself and have a question about slip stitching. I am grateful to find a forum in which to ask my question. In my pattern (for a shawl) in Row 1 I have to slip a stitch, M1 and then k and then in Row 2 I have to slip 1 and pearl. My question is when I am slipping on the knit side do I slip the stitch as if I were going to knit it and then when I slip on the pearl side do I slip as if I were going to pearl it i.e. slip in the front?

Generally if the pattern doesn’t specify, it’s easiest to slip purlwise for both knitting and purling.

Thanks I’ve been waiting for this info to get started. Just out of curiosity does it make a difference if you slip purlwise or knitwise?

For me (at least) it does make a difference. The stitch “legs” remain the same when I slip a stitch purlwise; however, when I slip a stitch knitwise the stitch twist making it tighter.

if you were doing this pattern how would you slip then?

Unless the pattern specifically states otherwise, the rule is to always slip a stitch purlwise.