Do you Sleepknit?

I do. I often have dreams in which I’m knitting. Nothing specific usually, just the act of knitting though when I was doing my first sock I was watching myself in my dream picking up stitches from the heel flap-likely because I was in reality ready to pick them up the next day…

So - Do you “Sleepknit”? xxx

I sleepknit all the time! :teehee:

I dream about knitting all the time! :teehee:

I do it too. Sleep researchers have found that we will often dream about a task that we are still learning to perform. This is also a sign of addiction.

I guess that says it all.

I’m an addict and happily so.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Yes! The worst time I ever did it was when I was in the midst of making scarves for Christmas last year.

In my dream, I was knitting along (I was making an Irish Hiking Scarf in my dream, heh). In reality I was moving my hands along the top of the sheet making knitting motions, then I would turn my work and twist the sheet, ad nauseum. Finally, I guess when I had the sheet all twisted up, I dreamt I ran out of that ball of yarn. I joined my next ball (the comforter), and started “knitting” that too.

I woke up when my husband pulled the blankets away from me, saying, “Stop already! What the hell are you doing?!” He thinks it’s funny now, but was not happy about being woken up at the time.

Thats so funny you ask that. Ive been having problems with knitting socks latly and in my dreams I’ve been knitting all night long trying to figure it out. So far it hasnt worked :pout: but Im amused my brain is still trying :teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Too funny

i was dreaming about making my danica scarf last night…mostly because i know i won’t be able to until i get off of work :-x

Sometimes, but they’re bad. I once dreamed that I accidentally cut up my sweaer WIP, and I woke up in a cold sweat. :rofl:

I am glad to know I am not the only one having knitting dreams!

When I read this topic the first image that appeared to my mind was a person sleepwalking at midnight… slowly picking up their knitting needles and yarns… and started knitting… :roflhard:

That would be so cool if that were true though! Imagine you actually making a pair of socks during your sleep! :rofl:

I dreamed once that I discovered a new way of knitting seamless garments, but it involved picking up stitches in the middle of a finished piece of fabric. :??

Yeah, I’ve had knitting related dreams. Kinda weird, but when I was trying to knit the first sock on DPNs I actually dreamed that I was trying to knit with snakes instead of yarn. :shrug:

I usually dream about knitting, when I did a lot of knitting that day and knitted untill I went to bed.

yes I do, especially when I am knitting a difficult project

I don’t dream about knitting per se… but I dream about my yarn alot. I dream about how soft it is and what it feel like against my skin… I dream about how it’s all neatly tucked away in their canvas tubs ~ clean and fresh until they’re ready to be used.
I dream alot about my yarn~!! :teehee:

~What that says about me… I dunno~!

I had knitting dreams a lot when I first started knitting. Occasionally I will still have a dream when I start a new project, but not so much anymore.

knit-errant and mason - Your dreams are hilarious! :roflhard:

I sleepknit all the time. Last night I had nightmares that had to do with garter stitch. I don’t remember the content, but I’m sure my recent knitting catastrophe (running out of yarn near the end of a big garter stitch project) had to do with it.

I once had a nightmare when someone was chasing me and I thought maybe I could use my Addis to stab him, but then I realized they weren’t sharp enough (this was before I used KP Options!).

That sounds like an excellent thing to have going on in the background of a thrash metal music video.