Do you sell on eBay?

I am considering selling some items on eBay and I’m wondering how your experiences have been. I have, literally, 15 garbage bags full of stuff to sell. I had considered having a yard sale, but it just didn’t work out this year and I would love a little extra cash for Christmas. (89 Days!!!) Anyway, some info on the process would be great!



I have sold a few things here and there. I have found that you have to be super-duper specific and call out as many details as possible. Good pictures are a must - even though they cost extra in the listing.

When you decide to sell something, search for it and find an auction that is similar and try to find a listing that you like - then base your listing off of that.

Some people are not very detailed about what they will purchase, but others will examine every little detail down to the very stitches of the fiber of an ol’ punky t-shirt that they bought for $0.99.

I have sold several things on eBay. I’ve found that for some items, listing them the weekend of Thanksgiving is the best time. You’ve heard of “Black Monday?” It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year. Last year my kids sold their old Game Boy Advances and made quite a bit on them. It was a good lesson for them on how to sell, how much things cost to list, how much shipping costs. I gave them their money at the end of everything, when all fees had been reduced, including PayPal’s costs. Quite an eye-opener.

Make sure that when you’re looking at your items, you consider just how much the fees will be. That may lead you to just sell some stuff at a yard sale if your profit isn’t going to be worth the effort of listing and mailing.

I also agree with someone else’s suggestion about looking at other similar listings. I sold my daughter’s American Girl doll trunk and got a lot of money for it. I basically copied someone else’s listing. :teehee:

Have fun with it! Try listing something for fun and see how you do.

I buy on e-bay all the time and what gets me is the shipping some people charge. I bought a little cross-stitch kit and the shipping was $10. I was honestly thinking that it would be shipped priority or something. When I got it (2 weeks later), it was in a cheap manilla bubble envelope that costs about .50. The actual postage was $1.67. So that seller made almost $8 in profit just on shipping charges. I just purchased 3 lbs. of Egyptian cotton, from Egypt, and the shipping was only $12. Sometimes it makes no sense.

Both my husband and I sell and buy things on e-bay. When you sign up as a seller the instructions are pretty straight forward. Not sure what all you are going to try to sell, but if I sell yarn or something like that I try to lump things together - fewer transactions the better in my mind.
Lately I’ve been using Craigslist - it’s a local listing webpage that is pretty popular here and free. Most times people come pick things up so you don’t have to fuss with postage etc.

I hate it when people do that. It just goes against the spirit of having a global flea market ya know? BUt eBay has stuff when you can’t find it anywhere else so I keep looking.

I used a company called iSold it to sell some old toys of my son’s. They take a big chuck for their fee so you’re better off doing it yourself.

Good luck (and let us know when you’re auction is)