Do you reinforce heel if so with what...?

I have two pair of socks that DH has worn a hole in one heel…
a friend who knits many socks say if you double the yarn for the heel the two strands will also wear each other into a hole…:hair: :hair: :hair:

You can buy a very fine reinforcing yarn at LYS. I used it in my latest socks

I got some of this too. Haven’t tried it yet tho :roll:

There are a couple of things you can use. I use wooly nylon. This is thread on a small cone used for an over lock machine. It is fuzzy and won’t cut the sock yarn. It comes in multiple colors and can generally be found at stores like JoAnn’s. However do not confuse this wooly nylon with just plain regular nylon thread. The plain nylon thread will cut the sock yarn and make a hole in your sock with wear. Another thread you can use is silk. You can find silk thread where you find needlcraft supplies like cross stitch and needle point. I personally haven’t used the silk. My friend that does use silk uses two strands of silk held with one strand of sock yarn.

Oh no! Couldn’t find wooly nylon so I bought Gutermann bulky nylon. Is that too smooth?