Do you recognize this stitch/pattern?

While perusing the web for inspiration, I found an interesting stitch. I can’t figure it out.

Please tell me where I can find and/or purchase the pattern. Or, if you’re familiar, please post.


I’m interested in 2nd photo (butterscotch knitting in the diagonal?

Thanks for reading!

I think it’s a diagonal rib of some sort - like this one but maybe more rows and the yarn is doubled.

Thank you for your help Suzeeq! You always know how to help.

Thanks again!

I’ve seen a lot of stitch patterns…

This would be the Butterfly stitch.

Yeah, that’s what the top one is, she was asking about the 2nd one down, the golden color one.

Well, based on the title, “Homespun Living: Waffle knit dishcloth,” it should be this…

I don’t really think it is knit on the diagonal, it just looks that way because of the angle from which the photo is taken.