Do you prefer DPNs or Magic Loop?

I’m curious as to what most people prefer for small diameter circular knitting. Do you prefer DPNs or Magic Loop (or maybe the 2 circs kind like in the video on the Advanced Techniques page), or do you like a variety of techniques? :knitting:

I use 2 circs, or ‘halfaloop’, the ML single loop variation.

Neither. I like using two circular needles.

Magic Loop or 2 circs over DPN.

Hate dpns. It’s magic loop or 2 circs for me – like both of those, but prefer ML

I prefer “knitting on 2 circulars”!!! (I know that wasn’t one of the choices! Sorry!)

I’ve tried dpn’s (ack) and magicloop (meh)…but prefer 2 circs.



I’m posting the YOUTUBE video that really helped me GET IT!
Cat’s voice may be annoying to some folks, but her process and teaching is inimitable!

I like DPN’s. I’ve tried magic loop a few times and can do it but I don’t like sliding the work around.

I’ve not tried the two circs, because I don’t have two long circs of the same needle size, and again there appears to be lots of sliding of the work.

I did write the 2 circs thing! It’s in the parentheses. LOL. :cheering:

I’m a DPN gal…hate ML, hate 2circs…

Oh, NOW I SEE IT!! :doh:

I was mainly thinking about what you’d written in the TOPIC line! :teehee:

I’ve only done ML and I like it :slight_smile:

That traveling loop link you posted looks really interesting!! :cheering:

So far, I prefer my DPNs to ML.

Doesn’t really matter. I like DPNs but will use ML, whichever happens to be faster for the particular piece I’m working on.

It is. With a single loop you can use shorter circs than with ML, no 40", a 24-32" will work fine.

There’s no diameter too small to do on them.

After my second project when learning to knit, I set out to learn how to knit in the round.I hadn’t even heard of circular needles till after that and so I tried them.Couldn’t quite get my head around how they were an improvement.The only time I use circular needles now is to knit those projects with the infinite amount of stitches that don’t fit on other needles.

Definitely magic loop. But hearty thanks to Suzeeq for the half a loop. That’s pretty obvious now that I see it, but I certainly never would have thought of it on my own. That looks even better than magic loop.

Can you use that method for small diameter knitting, like 3-6 stitches?

I usually do DPNs but after looking at the single loop that SuzeeQ posted, I realized that I have DONE that before without realizing it was an actual technique! :mrgreen:

I was attempting ML and realized my cable was probably too short so I devised that SL method on my own.

Yeah, that’s how I found both ML and halfaloop years ago. Only had 29" circs and wanted to try out something with only 30 or 40 sts.

Yea, me too!!! I just checked it out, and I’ve done that too…(umm not knowing it is a technique) but I still like me dpns…:hug: