Do you need help grafting in pattern?

Did you ever wonder how to graft in pattern without a mantra that might or might not be easy to keep straight? Think about the stitch you’re needing to make. In my way of thinking it’s opposite first (first pass purlwise for a knit, knitwise for a purl) but figure out the way of looking at it that works for you. You can graft in rib, seed stitch, or other knit and purl patterns pretty easily. This video shows knit the knits and purl the purls but if you think about the new stitch and what it should be its pretty easy to graft any knit and purl pattern. Hope this helps someone.
How to graft in pattern…easily!


Very clever and pretty easy way to remember. Thanks, GG!

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Welcome to KH and thanks for the alternative graft link!

I’ve never tried the Finchley graft. I should. I think it’s just grafting on the reverse stockinette side of the work. I know of at least one knitter that uses a Russian graft on sock toes.

Wow! GG, that video was so concise and clear to me by just time 1:48 of the five minute run time.
In the past I had to take the time to work out how to adjust the old mantra of “K, sl, P then P, sl, K” for seed sts or garter sts. Now it will be so much easier to just pick up and go based on reading the stitches to be worked.

And I now understand your point in the section of your post I quoted above. The setup for the first stitch is the second part of each half of the mantra and is indeed opposite of the stitch to be worked. (P of the “K, sl, P”).

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YAY! I’m glad it helped you. Grafting knitting was made harder than it needs to be for most, maybe all, of us. I wish I’d come across this video sooner. I was lucky though. At some point I realized how to work each stitch, read the work, just do it. I always thought the knit off, purl on mantra stuff was crap. It doesn’t teach how to know what to do for a particular stitch in any pattern. I do know my way of seeing things is definitely in the ‘other’ category and not the same as for most people; my attempts to explain were generally unhelpful. In the video she explains in pairs of stitches and that to me is not really needed nor helpful. I look at one stitch at a time. By looking at one stitch at a time and knitting the purls and purling the knits grafting seed stitch was no longer a mystery.


You’re welcome. Welcome to KH!