Do you memorize lace?

As I mentioned on another thread somewhere, I’m involved in my first serious lace project, and I have an idle curiosity. I figured that I’d be really dependent on the pattern for the first few repeats, and then sort of “figure it out” and be able to continue without referring to the chart so much, but after about 10 repeats I’m still pretty dependent on the chart to know what to do. Do you guys who do lace a lot find yourselves memorizing or at least sort of internalizing the patterns so you know what stitches come when without having to look at the chart for each stitch/row? Or is my dependence on the chart fairly normal? :slight_smile:

I think your dependence is fairly normal. I, too, have to work it for awhile and then catch on. Mary

It depends on the pattern. If it’s very symmetrical and orderly, then I can ‘read’ the knitting. Sometimes I’ll write a little shorthand reminder list if there’s a row or two that needs something special but the rest is memorized.

Sometimes I think I’ll never memorize the pattern but after a billion repeats, I get to know it better.:teehee:

For me it depends on how many rows and repeats in the rows are involved, then I also have to work on it at least a little most every day.

It depends if the pattern is fairly easy and intuitive to know what comes next or if it isn’t. I can usually `know’ a pattern, though I may have to look at it to start a row, but sometimes not. I’m doing the Sun Ray shawl now, and the pattern shifts a bit and I just haven’t been able to figure out too much of it. I’m to the point (nearly done) where I can finally figure out a row once I get started, but I’ve had to mark the rows as I’ve finished them because I’m not able to look at the previous row when I put it down and figure out where I am. I just have to finish a few rows and the end rows and I’m done.

Yeah, it really depends on the lace. It also depends on how consistently I work on it, if it’s a project that I set aside a lot while I work on other things I have a harder time catching on than if I really focus on that one item.

Usually in the end I have it pretty well memorized, but I also would catch on quicker as I did more lace, so a good part of that is practice. You’ll probably find yourself memorizing or being able to ‘read the knitting’ as Ingrid puts it much quicker the more lace you knit.

But there’s always that lace that just refuses to be memorized or read and has to be followed ever so carefully row by row…

I’ve been doing the tiger eye scarf, and I find it really hard to read. But, I am inexperienced with lace.

It depends. there are some patterns I’d have trouble forgetting!
Others I remember the repeat on a line by line basis but don’t remember the whole pattern, but usually have to only check the pattern for the first repeat of a row.

And there are some where I have to check the pattern frequently during the row.

AS everyone said - it depends on the pattern, some are easy to figure out and some are more trouble.

MMario - i :heart: your motto!