Do you love to sew?

i do, but i sort suck (and i have a cheap machine :ick:)

I am hoping to find some one who would love to let me mail them fabrics, and aplix/touchtape and sew me some diapers for my dd. I am cd’ing her now, but the prorap covers we use are too stiff for her and give her rub spot on top of her thighs. The pattern i tried to use is the mama bird diaper pattern to make pocket diapers (faster drying and more adjustablity for absorbancy).

To offer in trade: I love to dye yarn, and could dye up some of your stash! If not, maybe a fee per diaper? LMK! if no one jumps i’ll probably just stick with the proraps… and just sell the fabrics i have.

I’m getting my new machine tomorrow and I’m going to try my first time at making some dipes so I’ll let you know how it goes then maybe we can work something out?


Hello most wonderful swap partner. :muah: I sew and love it in the fact that I finish things sewing much quicker than my knitting. hee hee. Would be happy to make up a few and see if you are pleased with the work and we can go from there with me either making more or you deciding you want someone else to sew for you. I have a new machine that makes me very happy. :slight_smile:

Just let me know!

P.S. I don’t have much sewing up on my blog but I do have the apron I did my dad’s retirement on there so you can see that I do, in fact, sew. :wink: You can see it here
Just click on the pix to enlarge it a bit. Cheers!

thanks for the offers! :muah:

I think i should wait until after holidays to do a barter for diapers. i don’t have the space to dye as a trade (christmas stuff) or the money to pay for the service(christmas pressies) :pout:

Thanks also to cristeen for the PM.

I’ll ressurect this barter/trade when we have the money (***:!!!:those dang bills***)