Do you listen to music while you knit?

What type of music do you listen to while you sit and knit ?
Are there any CD’s made just for this purpose ?
I am looking for some pleasant sounds to play while I sit and knit.

Here’s one link I found,

please share your music with me.

When I knit I have the tv on and if I don’t want to watch tv, I turn on my stero and play some CDS I have. But that is what I do when I am alone. But usualy I am not alone, hubby is retired so he is here and after a certain time of day, my son, daughter and grandson are all home… Grandson is in 3rd grade and is trying to learn how to play an instrument called a concert tuba. You can imagine the noise it makes.

Mostly when I knit the TV is on. If music is on, it’ll depend on who put it on - could be anything from country, hard rock, alternative rock, folk, bluegrass, and almost anything in beween.

I love to listen to podcasts while I knit. I listen to short stories or science related podcasts. I’m an astronomycast junkie!

I rarely listen to music but I love classical music, esp flute music. There is one GREAT jazz flute CD that is older called Suite for FLute and Jazz Piano Trio by Claude Bolling and Jean-Pierre Rampal.

I have this CD on my Amazon wish list:
Amy Beach: Piano Quintet


I love knitting to music! I usually use my MP3 player so I listen to various different artists such as Johnny Cash, The Afghan Whigs, Katatonia, Saosin, The Misfits, Voltaire, 10 Years, Evans Blue, The Killers, Social Distortion, Strung Out, and so on and so forth…lol

I usually have the tv on. I don’t really watch it, just to have the background sound AND movement. Usually though, my 4-year-old is here and she provides plenty of sound and movement for me LOL

I generally listen to talk radio.

If I listened to talk radio while knitting I would make alot of mistakes.

I usually knit in front of TV at night. During the day it is a classic hits radio station.
If I listen to my own CDs I keep wanting to dance instead.

I listen to all kinds of music from Tin Janis to Neil Diamond to Maroon 5 and Keith Urban, Alan Jackson. I find that peppy music makes me go a bit faster and sometimes the quiet music like Tin Janis is what I want. I like a bit of opera bit I found I can’t knit to it. Swing music from the fourties is great. I love the Dorsey brothers. Music soothes me and keep me going with my knitting.:cheering:

When the TV isn’t on (the kids of hubby usually) I listen to jazz mostly… I love jazz… right now I’ve been listening to Ella Fitzgerald a lot and Benny Goodman, love Benny Goodman…

Last night, a group of my music friends who had formed a band played in a local restaurant’s bar area. Cajun music - wow! Powerful stuff.

I took my sock that I’m knitting for dh. One lady came up and asked if I gave private lessons, so i gave her my card. Cool! Another came up and said I reminded her of how her mother used to knit her these wonderful woolen mittens every winter.

Yep, knitting to music rocks. :yay: