Do you like to crochet with friends?

I love crocheting with friends because I not only have them to chat with but I can share and learn from them. Do you like to crochet or knit with friends?

I go to a knit/crochet group at my LYS on Fridays and sometimes I crash the spinning group on Tues along with a few other knitters. :teehee: My friends also spin.

I [U]think[/U] I would enjoy this–I haven’t actually found anyone around my tiny little town who is interested in such a get-together, though.

Of course, whether I can talk and/or listen and crochet and/or knit at the same time remains to be seen! :teehee:

Maybe we should try a group Skype knitting circle. I am not sure yet how to add more than one person to the conversation but my daughter has done it.

I just want to ask a question, do you all believe in spanking (within reason, of course) a child who misbehaves, esp. like that?
I’m just curious.