Do you lie to your Domestic Partner

or anyone else about your knitting stash? About how much you have? About how much it cost? EMWTK :teehee:

Nope, my hubby knows when I go to the yarn store and I tell him how much I spent. He doesn’t care at all!

What a sweetie, huh?? :heart: :heart:

[color=blue]No, no secret purchases here lol. :?? I am always too excited not to share my purchases with DH. He encourages me to stop at the LYS when we are near which is almost every weekend on the way to get groceries :hug: . Such a sweetie he is. :heart:


NOPE ~ I tell my knitties all the time that I am going to get some yarn candy and if they don’t like it they can pack their little bags and leave~!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

BTW: what is emtwk??

Well no, I don’t lie, but he doesn’t know how much I spend either. I do all the bills and the checkbook so he has no clue what is in the bank or even the balance on the credit cards. Not that he couldn’t know as all he would have to do is look at the checkbook register in my purse or online at the bank or credit card companies. He just doesn’t care. As for stash, that would be hard because it is kept in wooden basket type drawers in my coffee table.

Since I have a problem spending big bucks on a hank of yarn, I doubt it would ever become an issue.

well, I might fudge the total a little… but he knows what I have and when I go. and he’s pretty good about NOT saying “why do you need more yarn?” ha ha

Don’t have one, but I don’t see as how it would be any of his business as long as I was using my own money.

[color=blue]hmmm my own money. lol… :?? It sort of all gets lumped into “our money”. Even though he makes more than I do he insists it is our money.


yeah!! :!!!:

I don’t lie to my domestic prtner at all. Of course, he lives in another domicile now, anyway. He freely lies to me, though. :grr:

Re: yarn purchases… I buy stuff and then hide it, so when I pull it out a few months later and he says “when did you buy that???” I can say “Oh, months ago! I’ve had this!” with a guilt-free conscious.

Hildegard~!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

[color=blue]hmmm my own money. lol… :?? It sort of all gets lumped into “our money”. Even though he makes more than I do he insists it is our money.


Well, I always plan on having my own checking account. A) You never know what’s going to happen, and B) I worked hard for it, darnit! :teehee:

LOL Does omission count as a lie? I don’t always mention yarn purchases, but if he asked me I would tell the truth. He doesn’t mind at all, I just feel guilty because I’m weird that way. :slight_smile:


Nope. He usually shops with me so he knows what I buy and doesn’t care. He’s usually the one to pick up stuff and instigate me into buying it. I’m more of a “safe buyer” while he just picks for the moment without regard to price, etc. :teehee:

I may fudge a little on the cost…but hes OK with me buying yarn and stuff. He likes my hobby cause he benefits from it too. :roflhard:

Cause when I spend in yarn and supplies, he gets equal for camping. :roflhard:

Nope, I can’t lie to DH… even about something as harmless as yarn. Besides, I fund my own knitting and spinning habits with my graphic arts work. He lets me spend my own money on whatever I want. :heart:

Not to my hubby, but to my friends and family who don’t know that $8 a hank for cashmere blend is a really good price!

:teehee: we only have one car so he either takes me or he helps unload the car when I return… he takes the trash out so he sees the boxes… and one morning he came down to find my whole stash out while I reorganized it… all he said was boy that stuff sure does add up fast… he encourages me really… although he knows I’m trying to work on my stash so he says is that a reward yarn coming? :teehee: he also encourages me to get out and take classes even if I don’t need them so I can go knit with others…

Now when I collected bears it was a different story… he wasn’t encouraging lol I’d ask for a bear for Christmas or b-day and he say why? you have so many… but knitting stuff he just goes with the flow… maybe cause the yarn doesn’t sit out everywhere and stare at him… or its because I’m doing something productive with it… :shrug:


But in my defense, he does that same thing with race car parts so were even. Its a dont ask, dont tell kinda thing so neithe of us have to lie to each other.

I don’t lie to DH, period (I don’t lie to anyone, except the occasional “Yes, that dress looks lovely” or “What an adorable child…” :roll: ).

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: We all do that! :shifty:

No, I don’t lie, but then I don’t spend enough to make it an issue. :pout: