Do you launder your FOs?

So, i’ve finally finished a scarf for a swap.

But I’m wondering whether you guys launder an item before giving it away?

The yarn I used is 75% acrylic, 25% wool, and is washing mashine safe…

Just wanted your opinions…


I think I would wash so it’ll look perfect. If it’s machine wash and dry you could do that so you can see how it works out before you send it.

Typically I don’t. the first time I did, almost all of it came unraveled. But mind you I was a newbie, and instead of weaving my ends in, I just knotted 'em and cut the tails. OOPS, now I usually just wet them down and let 'em dry overnight.

Yes, always. (Just mailed a box yesterday with several items for family members.) I include info re: fiber content, how I’ve washed/dried the piece (machine, hand, dried flat, etc). I’ll often use what I’ve experienced from the wash/dry process to see how the fibers fared in case I want to make add’l recommendations to the recipient.