Do You Knit w/o A Particular Person In Mind?

I seem to be a knitter who HAS to have someone to knit for. If I see a pattern that is really cute, but don’t have any particular recipient in mind, I pass over it, but then almost feel upset that I won’t get to knit it! How do you guys handle this? Do you go ahead and knit it and hope to find it a home, or wait until that perfect person comes to mind?

I usually save the pattern until someone comes to mind for it. Although, sometimes, as I’m knitting something I figure out who it will go to. The yarn and pattern usually come together in a way that says, “Give me to ______!” It depends on the project. Many of my projects ask to stay with me though.:teehee: :aww:

I always have a home in mind for my projects. Mainly for me, but also make gifts for friends and family if I find something I know they will like.

Of course! It’s always for ME! LOL

Yup, I knit with people in mind. I see a pattern and think, “so and so would love that”, and click click click go the needles. I actually have yet to complete a project for me, BUT I do have one otn. And they shall be MIIIIIINE!!! Mwaahahahahaha!

Yeah, I have someone in mind when I pick up the circs!

I always think of the person I am knitting the item for, also pray for them. And then when they use or wear the item those thoughts and prayers are with them!