Do You Knit to Spin or Spin to Knit?

I don’t spin…yet. :teehee: But it fascinates me. I was told by one person on Ravelry that once you start spinning you basically knit just to use up your yarn. Frankly I’m not sure I want to use up good knitting time spinning.

So the question is…do you find you knit so that you can have room for more spinning or do you find that you spin in order to have yarn for knitting???

Also, if you could choose only one, which one would it be?

I spin the create new yarns and to experiment with fiber Also I still by yarn cause I don’t always want to knit with hand spun.

O hun, once you start spinning you’ll get totally hooked. It’s just as bad as knitting sox I tell ya. VERY ADDICTIVE!!!
:whistle: :passedout:

I usually have two spinnng wheels on the go, one with the v fine merino I am doing to try and knit a ring shawl with, and my old one with everyday spinning on it. Just like I also usually have several knitting projects on the go at once. Spinning club meeting tomorrow, we did felting last meeting, but this one is a spin/knit/chat meeting.

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. I spin because I love playing with fiber. I knit (and crochet & weave) because I love playing with yarn I created.

I don’t mind having a stash of fibers, from raw to dyed top … and I don’t mind having a stash of yarns to choose from
I spin because I love to spin!

I spin to knit. :slight_smile: If I had to choose one, it would be knitting. But they are so different in their enterity…

I’ll I can say is I hope I never have to choose just one!!

so far i’ve been spinning to spin!

my knitting has surely taken a backseat but now i’m in the phase of knitting to spin since i don’t have as much room for my yarn anymore and i know very soon i’ll be spinning to knit christmas presents… so i’ll have to go with each answer…heh