Do you knit for co-workers?

I’m just wondering because I was thinking about knitting a few items for Christmas for my co-workers. There are 3 ladies in my office that I’m close with that I’d like to knit something for. I’m just not sure what? Any suggestions on what to knit for co-workers? I want to make them something nice but nothing too big because I’m worried I won’t finish my gifts for my family, which is more important to me.

Scarves or can cozies if they drink sodas might be nice. Felted coasters made in bulky wool are super quick too.

A long time ago, where I worked there was a woman who gave us all knitted ornaments each year - one year a tiny sweater still on teeny tiny needles, the next a little stocking with a candy cane in it, one year an angel…I still have those ornaments and think of her every year when I put them on the tree - haven’t worked there for almost 30 years, but still remember her :slight_smile: Depending on the “culture” in your office, something small is always appreciated, where sometimes something more substantial can start the whole “reciprocity” thing…

Yes, for the secretary I work with. I knitted her a scarf in Christmas colors last year. Made her cry when I gave it to her. She was touched that I made it especially for her.

I’d love to knit a couple of silk ties for my attorneys but they would be embarassed by it–too personal :shrug:

The Mystery Stole 3 will be the Christmas gift for my soul sister at work.

There are only 10 of us here, but so far I have knit a baby top for a coworker’s newborn. I am planning on making the little red pants with devil’s tail from SNB for a coworker w/a toddler.

I don’t use “the good stuff” though, meaning that I use less expensive yarn. I only use “the good stuff” for 1) myself or DH, 2) someone who knits or 3) someone I KNOW will take care of it. For everyone else, it’s Simply Soft :slight_smile:

I was thinking about making lace wrist warmers or whatever they’re called for a couple women in my office, but I have heard others say knitting is ugly, so maybe I will just not.

But the more holes something has the quicker it would take to knit? And I really like knitting those.

I’m going to make them for someone anyway. :teehee:

Yes… i’ve knit for the girl i work with… ever since i started knitting. She got a really ugly scarf that first year but both she and her husband both wear that scarf. i also knit her an ear warmer (based on the one in stitch n bitch nation)… this year i’m workin on a slouchy hat for her (knit & tonic free pattern)…

if you’re close w/your co-workers i think they’d be very appreciative… i would just caution you to make sure they’re easy knits, so it’s not a blood, sweat and tears project… y’know?

and i think it’s wonderful you’d like to knit for them… :yay:

I’ve knit for my co-workers, scarves and baby blankets. I’ve also been asked to knit for their families. I made a scarf for a co-worker’s mother-in-law.

If you like them, and feel close to them why not. Co-workers can be friends too.

I am thinking of knitting washcloths with my coworker’s initials
and adding a nice bar of scented soap. Do you think that is too personal?

I’ve knit scarves for 2 of the secretaries in my office and socks for my secretary’s grandson. She’s really my good friend, though, not just a coworker. We have a small office: 2 lawyers and 3 secretaries, and 4 of us have been together for about 8 years. Many other places would probably be different. I’m glad I don’t work in those.

I would not knit something for someone at work unless we were really close and friends outside of work. Firstly, my coworkers wouldn’t appreciate it and secondly, they probably wouldn’t use the items anyway (or if the items were used, it would only to make sure I saw them using it). I don’t think they would WANT something like that. (That’s what you get with those gruff manufacturing types. Sigh)

It might depend on how close you are to the co-worker, but I don’t think it is too personal. I have given similar gifts to my child’s teachers and they loved them. My Mom loves to make washcloth and pretty soap gift packs for friends, neighbors, and to send to the soldiers (along with hats, gum, personal items).

One of my friends always gives these lovely scented bottles of liquid soap and they are a treat!

so, I say go for it! I agree with Letah that co-workers can be friends too. my dearest friend is someone I work with. We would never have crossed paths otherwise- but she is a true friend in and out of work.

I try to make something nice for my clerk every year- to show how much I appreciate how well she does her job. I couldn’t do my job without her, and she deserves recognition for that.

just my 2 cents…

i think a knitted washcloth and a nice scented soap is a PERFECT gift… not too personal… not too time consuming but really very thoughtful…