Do you keep your knitting magazines?

I was organizing my stuff and thought about just taking the patterns out of the magazines and their corresponding photos and recycling the rest of the magazine but then decided not to.

Does anyone else keep them or do you just keep the patterns? It would sure save me space to recycle them but I’m having a hard time parting with them.

well when I am online and I see an “issue” or cover of a month I know, “oh I have that”. I don’t think I could throw away the magazine, there is normally more then 1 pattern I would want or might want later and not know I would want. I save them. I get interwave in the mail, and for Simply knitting the british mag I buy anytime I see it, which is about once every 2 or 3 months so it’s not that many magazines a year. For other ones I look at the entire collection of patterns online and if I don’t really love something in it I don’t get it, which is the majority of the time.

It depends, some I keep others I carefully remove the patterns from. If I like an article(s) or they seem useful plus they have more than a few patterns I will use, I generally keep the whole magazine. If it is just a few patterns and or no articles I remove the information I want and put them into notebook sleeves/sheet protectors (and into a binder) with any pertinent information (i.e. magazine title, issue, volume, and or season, errata, etc.). It generally depends on how much information I will use from the magazine as the deciding factor. I do empathize with you on your difficulties on deciding what to keep and what to recycle.

I’ve kept all mine so far. I’m up to my fifth magazine holder of them!

Yes I keep mine :):muah:

Yes. I do but after a while I go through them and decide which patterns I might actually use then I cut them out or copy them and save in folder for future use.


Yes, because a person’s taste or needs might change… so, I might really like something in the future that I don’t think that I’ll knit now. And some of the patterns that you might not ‘knit up’ have great stitch patterns on them-- I’ve made some scarves that way… just select stitch patterns from something.

yup I’ve got all of mine. They are in a plastic container that you can keep flies in. (I’m very fussy about my patterns) I get crochet magazines too so I’m organized.

I keep all of mine too. However, I don’t have a huge stash of magazines (yet). I don’t subscribe, and I only buy the issues that I really want.

I do…but then I have mags around (Like YM) sitting around from 1990…so…I am a bad person to judge by…smiles

I keep my magazines. I am on my 15th magazine holder. I have knitting and crochet pattern books and many magazines in these holders. I have books that were my mom’s and mine also. I hate to part with any of them and I am in the process of organizing my stuff as I also have Annie’s Attic small magazines from the seventies.

Well being a quilter and machine embroider as well I was becoming overrun with magazines.
My rule is I won’t buy a magazine unless it’s a 2 gasper(as in “gasp” I have to make that)and the magazines I have I removed the patterns from the ones that only had 1or 2 patterns I knew I would use.Magazines with too many temptations or techniques I want to learn I keep.
I have found so many wonderful pattern sites on the web I may never buy another one again.
Oh!!! wait that’s a lie the first night I joined here I seen a baby sweater done by artlady and I searched all over to get the name then ordered it from my LYS.

I scan in the pages I want and then either post the magazines on freecycle, drop them off at the library, the laundromat, or “accidentally” leave them behind at the doctor’s office.

I also send them onto my mom if I see something she would like to crochet. Right now she’s doing a fillet Crochet table runner that has a farm scene on it. It came from Crochet World.

You keep your flies in a plastic container?:teehee:

Seriously, I keep all my magazines…I know if I ever pitched one, within two weeks I’d need a pattern from it that I never ever figured I’d use…sigh

I keep the majority of my Knitting magazines. Once in awhile there is an issue that I see nothing at all I want to knit…out it goes.

I keep all of mine. There is at least one pattern in every one I hope to get around to some day, and I always think that my tastes may change, and there will be still others in there I will want. I actually just bought a new book case because my magazine holders were crammed full. I’ve also been thinking about spinning lately, so have started adding Spin Off to the collection, and a few crochet magazines also. Besides the patterns, there are so many techniques I like to go back and refer to from time to time. They are so expensive, I could never throw them away, but I would consider giving them to Goodwill or Salvation Army if I ever had to clear some space.

I definitely keep them. I am sad to say not very organized, but I have them.

I used to be an obsessive cross stitcher and always keep all the mags I bought then. I’m finally weeded thru those and getting rid of some, but having a difficult time ‘tossing’ them.


I keep the issue until the new one arrives. Then, I keep the patterns, pictures, etc in a binder. I wish I could keep all of them, but my stash takes up the extra space.