Do you keep knitting for them if

I have knit some pretty baby and children’s sweaters for my two young grandchildren. But every thing seems to eventually get lost or misplaced and I never see them on them again.
I’m starting to think its not worth knitting for them. My daugther and her husband don’t seem to appreciate the time and love that I knit into each stitch. It would be easier and less expensive to buy sweaters and hats at the mart stores.
I just wondered if any of you have gone thru the same thing?

Yes, my mil and sil aren’t exactly respectful of anything I make. I gave my sil a lace doily I’d made - and she got mad at me and threw it in the trash. No more for her! And my mil has used a punch-hook pad I made her… to hold the dog’s water dish.

So I just give them the leftovers. No more nice stuff for them!

And - if I give my mil something my sil wants - she just takes it.

Why bother!


I feel your pain. I posted along a similar vein a few weeks back and received some very good advice.

I’ve backed off on my knitting from my granddaughter because my son and his wife don’t seem to be aware of the love and effort put into each item. They owuld rather put her in store bought clothes.

So I am focusing my knitting on those who DO enjoy receiving it and even planning some things for MYSELF. I recently finished my first “oddball blanket” and it’s a great way to knit for someone else.

I won’t stop knitting for my GD completely but I may wait til she is a little older and can help me pick out yarn and patterns and hopefully learn to appreciate the craft a bit more. Til then I’ll stick to hats and such.

I think this is a great idea…once they get older and can pick out their own patterns and yarn they will love the items. I know my kids love the process of choosing out the colors and patterns…typically that is the thing they grab out of the closet and plus you are making memories :thumbsup:

WOW I am at shock at how many of you have posted this and similar problems. My MIL & SIL crocheted and knitted my daughters first Halloween costume ans she was Pooh Bear. I was absolutely floored by the costume and have taken the time to make sure nothing has happened to it so we can use it again.

I also give hand made gift for the holidays and they have been taken care of. Last year I did a scarf, bunch of kitchen itens ans some other things and everyone loved them.I even knit socks for my mom aned she wears them and even called to ask how to wash her wool sock so she didnt ruin them.

my DIL knits, so i KNEW she valued the knitting i did for grans…

but i never saw the kids wearing it… but…

now (5 years latter!) when the sweater is too small, there is my granddaughter wearing it to school–and claiming its one of her favorites!

Kids are funny… But at least i know… the sweater is still in her closet/or chest of drawers.

same thing happened with a fair isle sweater i knit…at first granddaughter disliked it… but as it became too small, she wore it constantly!..

I certainly never fought over clothing with my kids, or insisted they wear clothing (from grandparents)

my daughter always wore the sweaters her grandmother knit her, (and the ones i knit) my son–almost never.

(so i quickly stop knitting for him)

don’t blame your daughter/dil… just try and find out what your grandchildren want… and will wear

(my son didn’t/doesn’t (still) wear sweaters often–and when he does, he wants a cardigan (so he can open it up) and a dark solid color… (or surprizingly a WHITE one)

I’d love it --if he would wear blue or green or taupe sweater even if the blue was navy or the green forest-- but no… he wants dark grey or charcoal (or black!) (and i just don’t want to knit for him!)

Thanks everyone for the good suggestions. I think I will just keep knitting to please myself and those I know will take care of what I knit.

Almost 30 yrs. ago when we lived out of the country, my MIL knit a robe for our three year old daughter, her first GD. When we received it I loved it but it just was not practical for her to wear and it was much too long. We took pictures of her in it to send to my MIL and thanked her. I still HAVE that robe in my hope chest after all this time!! I was not even a knitter back then. I knew she made each stitch with love.

Aww, I know how a lot of you feel. I had this one friend in high school that I made a lot of things for, and then I never saw said things again. Not making that mistake anymore.

THis is just my HO, but I know as a mom that I deeply appreciate hand made items for my children even though they also get lost or ruined. As a working mom, I was lucky I knew where an actual pair of socks were for my kids. Working, raising 2 kids, fulfillingthe duties of wife, mom, and professional can be so overwhelming sometimes. One mom of another autistic put it best when she said that somedays it’s just: Wake up, eat, sleep, survive. I’m sure they appreciated the gifts but have such a hectic life that life often takes front row over handwashables and care of handknits. And young kiddos probably just don’t understand or appreciate the gifts due to their age.

Your efforts are probably not going unnoticed. Take heart - you’re such a wonderful grandmother/mother for the beautiful gifts you create and give.

I Have to say that i have been very lucky with the people i have given knitted items to . Especially new mums.
I am always so proud to see mums bring their newborn babies into the school playground snuggled up in a blanket i have made .
I tend to get a feel for a person and normally i am quite good at judging who will appreciate and use what i make them.

I already thought of giving scarves and such to people on the streets, since they would be happy about it,…

People don’t realize how much energy and work goes into a knitted garment:knitting: I’m sentimental so I would definetly keep it and appreciate it. I guess that’s why I’ve just been making things for myself.


I did that with a scarf I finally knit for myself once. A man asked me if he can have some money for coffee because he was cold. I told him I didn’t have any money, but I unwrapped the scarf from my neck and told him he could have it. his response was “OK, I guess I’ll take that too” :zombie: :?? :???: Dude! I’m giving you the clothes off my back here :rofl: I felt a little angry at his response at first, but then I thought about his position and was happy to have been able to offer him a better way to keep warm made by my own two hands.

As far as family members who don’t seem to care about the items knit for your grandchildren, I agree knitpurlgirl that your items might not be unappreciated, but the lives of the parents might be so hectic that they aren’t caring for the items like you would. I would try not to be too hurt by that, but I agree that store bought items might be better gifts for now. When your grandchild is old enough to get really excited about a new knitted item from grandma you can engage him/her in the process :slight_smile:

My mom made receiving blankets,baby blankets, sweaters, and toys

I never took pics, I never made huge comments, and when we grew out of them, i handed them off to people I knew who had new kids.
Found out later my Mother considered this very RUDE
it was the nicest thing I had to pass down along with a Bunch of crappy stuff that would 'do"
at the time I thought I was being a good friend, not a bad daughter/mother
I did have pone sweater that got ruined buy wash9ng after being left with a food stain WAY to long
made me scared to use the other sweaters for a while
the shame made it hard to admit I had ruined these treasures, let alone ask how to not screw up AGAIN

If they don’t appreciate it, they don’t get it. Period. There are plenty of people out there who do understand the value of it to waste such effort on people who don’t.
I was going to knit a shawl for MIL. I asked DH if he thought she would like it and use it. He said, “Well, let me ask her…” Nope. If you have to ask, then it won’t be properly valued. :cool:

I find a bit of a flaw with the if you have to ask it won’t be valued. I asked my mom if she would like a shawl. she told me no since she didn’t have any place to wear something that nice any more. It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate hand made gift its just her life style. She didn’t want me to spend all of that time and her not be able to wear it.