Do you keep a record/log of projects?

Hi all. As a fairly new knitter, I’ve finished a few projects and am thinking I’d like to keep track of them – some kind of description, photo, yarn used, etc. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this and was wondering what more experienced knitters do. I’m wondering what format to do this in: a paper notebook or scrapbook; some digital format, website, or blog?

Any suggestions? What do you do?



i do. i have a folder in my iphoto application ( i use a mac, but most every computer has a photo program in them) that i keep all my digital pics of projects in. sometimes i keep pics of projects while i’m making them, and sometimes just after they are done. i recently knit a purse and then felted it, so i did before and afters on that. i haven’t had any of these pics printed yet, but when i do i plan to add them to:

my 3 ringed binder with those page protector things. i keep a copy of the pattern i used (with notes of changes i might have made to the pattern, like a needle size change, etc), a scrap of yarn(s) used and the label to the yarn and the date completed. my binder has is in sections, so i have completed projects, patterns (i want to do) and other knitting notes in the last section. i like this system. it is fun to watch it grow!

im new to knitting but i keep a note book with a print out of the patterns… i log how much i woke on it a day… when i start and when i finish… and have pictures pasted in it :smiley:

If there’s one thing you learn after going through 3 hard drives in one year, it is to back up and make hard copies of everything. Did I say everything? I meant EVERYTHING!!!

I print out patterns with the pic included. After I’m finished I take a picture and print that out too. Notes are written everywhere.

I’m also thinking of printing out the patterns that I have bookmarked, just in case my comp decides to throw another curve ball at me. I spent a lot of time gathering a collection of items that I would love to knit, so I will probably do that too.

With that said, I’ve only begun knitting, so in terms of scrapbooking or other hard copy formats, I’m not sure. I like the idea of binder with those plastic sleeves you can put in them. You can put sample swatches in them or whatever you want, and just take them out as needed for notes. It’s functional. Scrapbooking would be more appealing if you just want to be able to show off the work over the years in a nice format.

Let us know what you decide and how it turns out.

I saw a book called Knitting Journal by Char Loving (i think), and it looked pretty cool: there’s a place to record the yarn used, needles used, stitches used, plus a place for pictures and yarn samples. It may have had some charts in the back, but I don’t remember…

I take pictures of my scarfs. It’s fun to look at them as i can see where i am making headway being a new knitter.

I also save the label of each yarn and write on it what i used that particular yarn for just in case i want to buy more.

Good example. I went to the LYS yesterday looking for a certain yarn i had used and loved. I could not find it. Saleslady ask me what the name of the yarn was? If i had taken the tag with me i would of known.

After much searching we found it in the discontinued bin.

I keep a list of the projects I want to do and if I have all the supplies. If there’s one particular thing I need it gets listed in the “needed” column.

Welcome Gardenia!

I’m not nearly as organized as I want to be. I usually do manage to take pictures of finished objects before giving them away, though, and to jot down a few things.

What I do reliably keep track of, is the yarn and needle size used for the pattern, and the gauge I got. I keep a list of this in the back of my “Handy Book of Patterns,” which is usually in my knitting bag. When I use the same yarn again, I don’t have to knit a swatch for it, because I’ve noted what gauge I got with the needles! This saves so much time! It’s also handy to be able to refer to the gauges of yarns I might have extra of, to see if they’d be compatible with a new project.

That book, BYW, is a great carry-with-you book. It has pages for notes, and a huge pocket for storing folded patterns and paper. It also has a small but usefull illustrated glossary of knitting basics. It’s great for jotting down essentials you want to have with you in your bag, and for toting graph paper and patterns, etc.


i just found a website that you can add all your book marks to incase your hard drive has a stroke or if you are at someone’s house and wanted to show them a link and cant rememeber it… if your going threw 3 hard drives a year maybe you should use this site or find one like it becuase i know i would cry if i lost all my links!

Oh, Nicoley, that’s a great idea, thank you!
I’ve recently had to replace my harddrive and because I saw it coming, I did manage to save some stuff - but it’s a lot of hassle getting everything back the way I want it.

I started keeping a record (pattern, notes, scrap piece of yarn, wrapper) but I let it slide really quickly. Well, I’ve only been knitting since October, and I think I managed to do it until mid November… :oops:
But I’m already keeping a food & excercise diary, a regular paper journal, an LJ and a reading journal (of books I’ve read) so maybe that is enough for me at the moment.
I do still save all my wrappers, but they’re all in a big shuffle at the bottom of my knitting bag now. :wink:

thats alot of journals… im not so good at journals myself… i had a diet/food journal… it failed… i had a paper journal… it failed… ive had a live journal, diaryland journal, easy journal, blog space, msn blog… pretty much any online journal thing you can think of all failed … i recently lost my knitting journal log… so i go that going for me now lol

journals + bad memory = bad news :lol:

Yep, I keep a notebook of all my FO’s. I can proudly say I have notes on every single project I’ve completed.

I note the project name, to whom it was given, the pattern/source, the yarn and needles used, approximate cost and, most importantly, notes on what I liked about the pattern, any changes I made, and any solutions to confusing pattern instructions. It’s been a lifesaver when I’ve knitted the same project again.

I also keep digital photos of almost everything I’ve finished.

Wow! If only I was organized in the rest of my non-knitting life!


I have a little notebook that I keep project, yarn used, gauge…all that important info in. I am going to be getting a page up where I can keep all that on my website though. I’m getting techy with it. :lol:

I do have a spiral binder that has the label to all my yarns in my stash, and all used yarns, with a little 2 inch piece of the yarn. That is the extent of nerdiness I am revealing right now. :oops: