Do You Have any Experience with Water Treatment Systems (i.e. Rainsoft, Ecowater, etc.)?

My dh (not so “d”) made me sit through a Rainsoft demonstration last night. Almost three hours!

Now he’s gung-ho for it, but we’re not jumping in too quickly due to the cost.

Have you had any experience with this product? I’m not sure if the pro’s are worth the cost.

Any advice is appreciated.

I have no idea about it but after reading your blog I thought for sure that you nixed that whole thing!


I’m allowing my hubby to entertain the idea, but I’m doing some research.

I think you can’t argue that most people have hard water. However, I just can’t seem to justify the cost. I’ve been doing some reading about it. Of course, the sales tactics are shameful, as I experienced last night when it went on, and on, and on.

I also know that there are probably other, less expensive options out there.

But yeah, I’m pretty much at the point of saying no-way, Jose. Too much $$ even with the benefits.

BTW, thanks for reading my blog. :hug:

I have it on Google Reader so I never miss it!:wink:

I think I heard that we have hard water but if we do, it will have to wait. If we can’t take a Fall Foliage Drive, then no water softener darn it!